Ghost of Tsushima

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I’ll get my copy in 2 dayssss

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If it’s 60fps, I won’t wait for ps5.

Been excited for this one for a few years. THE SEKIRO SLAYER!

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If it’s 11 fps. I won’t wait for ps5


There’s no way this is running at 60 fps on PS4.

I’ll wait for PS5 because I have other games to play before this one

God of War ran 60 fps and looked as good as Ghost of Tsushima

Not to @gord0 standards.

“Is performance mode the answer? Well, there’s a significant increase in frame-rate when you trade in the vast pixel-count for standard 1080p. A stable 60 frames per second is off the table here and the frame-rate is left to run wild instead with noticeable judder. What this mode basically delivers is something more in line with, say, God of War 3 or Ascension on PlayStation 3. The frame-rate averages in the mid to upper 40s most of the time during any skirmish while some of the quieter moments can jump up to or around 60fps.”

That’s literally bullshit. I played the game few months ago and it was mostly stable 60 all the way to the end. Maybe if they stopped playing PS4 games in the oven, they would’ve reached at least somewhat decent framerates.

Ah, I forgot you have an FPS counter on your PS4.

Nah but I have eyes and you see if the game drops to 40 fps from 60. Which has never happened to me in God of War.

Okay maybe once in the last Valkyrie fight. That was a crapshow.

I don’t recall gow having options for >30…though it’s been long enough I forget most of the game other than it was good. If tsushima were released a year ago I’d bite the bullet and take the bitch tier fps…but since ps5 is a few months away, I can wait. Plus the game still has to bubble up to the top of my list which may or may not happen before ps5 launch anyway.

A few reviews I saw said that there is a 1440p locked at 30 FPS mode, or a dynamic resolution with unlocked FPS. I’ll probably go with the 30 FPS mode to avoid weird frame pacing issues.

Free Ghost of Tsushima theme for PSN

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You are welcome :smiley:

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Is that 1 code = 1 person or for everyone?

Actually, I dont care. I Took it. Suckerrssss

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Thankyou AssStalion


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