Just finished this game. Absolutely fantastic. Cyberpunk, mixed with parkour. Fast paced. Insane soundtrack. Skill-based. Cool storyline. It’s a must buy. Visually it’s way too good. Raytracing destroys the framerate and I hope it will be fixed soon. Even without RT, the visuals are still top notch. Highly recommended!

NOTE: This game features one hit kill thing. Which means, enemies can kill you in one hit, you can kill them in one hit. It makes the game fairly challenging but not to the point where you think Bloodborne is a child’s play.

There is also a demo. Try it out. If you like it, buy it.

Thanks @PeaceLeon for the gift. I enjoyed playing the game quite a lot!


Glad you like it.

Oo, looks interesting. I’ll add it to my wishlist.

Fuck this game is good! Runs nice too. Max settings at 2366p>60 (usually >80), DLSS on, RTX off, dx12 mode.

So they fixed dx12 but not RTX. Weirddd

You have to add -dx12 as a command line argument. Doing so allows you to enable rtx. RTX takes too much of a hit for me and I refuse to go sub native.

I did that too, was getting terrible fps. Then again, that was 2 weeks ago, they might’ve patched it by now. I played it dx11 and had capped fps. The game is good is what matters!

Did you play on a diff steam account than the one I have on my list? It only compares my scores to some guy named “YEET” of whom I don’t remember how I know.

That’s me


I wish this game had hdr and replays!

My god Hel is inconvenient…

Beat that bitch!

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I liked that fight quite a lot


I like how quickly went from fighting to dismembering. No thinking or talking.

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Beat it! Fucking epic, needs a sequel. I don’t even care if it’s the same genre! Recommended!

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I’d take even an expansion or something. Game is too good.

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I just started this one. It’s like Mirror’s Edge but you are Cyborg Ninja from MGS. That’s a good combination!

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Buckle up. It gets crazy!

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