I beat hades today. Well the main story anyways, there is still so much more left for me to do. This game is amazing, easily Supergiant games best game. It’s really hard to put down once you get started. Every time I die I’m ready to jump right back in and try again. Would recommend to anyone who has enjoyed any of Supergaints previous games or to anyone who enjoys rouge-lites.


I have it on Epic games and it’s so good. Haven’t finished it yet because I suck.

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I have to play this one still. I got it on epic way back when and was waiting for it to be fully released. I forgot it has been!

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@Katsuo I think I suck at it as well. I was unlocking quite a few rarer achievements than the achievement for beating the game, before finally beating the game.

@ShiftySatchmo It’s a great game, totally worth the play.

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I enjoyed their other three games so I believe it.

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I’ve been playing this on deck and it is fantastic. Exactly the kind of game that you should play on deck too.


Big time agree. I broke my Deck in with it. Fun game. Maybe a little too deep on the shop stuff versus the actual gameplay but fun fun fun regardless. I got around 30hrs out of it before I tapped out. ‘Escaped’ a couple times. Supergiant always delivers the goods!