ShiftySatchmo: Games I Beat in 2023

I did it! I beat something!

1/7/23: The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me (PC) ~ 5 hours

1/13/23: Hades (PC) ~25-30 hours

2/18/23: Aliens: Fireteam Elite (PS5) ~ 10 hours (wild guess)

3/4/23: Strange Brigade (PC) ~ 7 hours

3/11/23: Dying Light 2 (PC) ~22 hours

5/31/23: Advance Wars 1+2: Reboot Camp (Switch) ~ 50 hours

6/4/23: Resident Evil 4 Remake (PC) ~ 18 hours

8/2/23: Gris (PC/Deck) ~ 3 hours

12/5/23: Forgotton Anne (PC/Deck) ~ 7 hours


I beat The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me with @teh_g tonight. Took one sitting. I’d say it was good enough to enjoy with a pal. I’ve played all of these more than once (besides this one), so I know when I play this one again I may feel differently. I’d say House of Ashes is easily the best one though. Give them all a shot on sale. The first season/batch of 4 games is over so I’m sure they will make a bundle of them on sale or something.

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Nice, you are actually playing some games :fireworks:

I blame Geran

Nice one, Geran! Great friend!

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I am the best.

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I beat Hades on Steam Deck and a smidge on PC. Took about 25-30 hours. Great game! I’ll probably continue playing it a little bit.


I beat Aliens: Fireteam Elite on PS5 with @teh_g and another friend. It was repetitive but fun enough for mindless arcade shooting. Did a good job of capturing some of the Aliens feel. Worth a shot on sale with two friends.

So you couldn’t finish the game on your own? You that bad in shooter games? :older_man:

It’s meant to be played with people duhhhh

I don’t even know what that is hehe

I beat Strange Brigade with @Eraq and @teh_g . It was OK. Kind of like Nazi Zombies, which makes sense.

I beat Dying Light 2 on PC with @teh_g @Eraq and @sYnCroSis It was pretty bad compared to the first one. I’d give it a “don’t bother” out of 10

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I beat Advance Wars 1+2: Reboot Camp on Switch. Love these games I hope they make a new one


I beat RE4 Remake on PC. I hope they make Code Veronica next because it’s one of the few I haven’t played.

I beat Gris on steam deck. It was a chill adventure platformer. Nice art and soundtrack. IGN apparently gave it a bad review because they can’t play video games well. Anyhoo, good for a flight.


The game is overwhelmingly positive on literally all platforms. IGN is so shhhhhhhhhit

I finally beat a game again. Fogotton Anne on Steam Deck. It was cool, like playing a studio Ghibli movie. One nice thing is after you beat it you can warp back and make different choices.