Half-Life 3 unconfirmed: every rumor, hoax, and leak in one place


I just hope I will live when HL3 become reality.


HL3 will never happen.


Katsuo Heretic speech, be gone!


I had never seen that reddit one before, but whoever that was pretttty much described my perfect game. Take away the online shared world stuff basically. And I really like the idea of it being a labor of love that they don’t care about the money it makes to the point they’re worrying about not ruining other people’s game releases. Really is a perfect fantasy that guy wrote.

Random selfish want of #3 is no characters from #2 even holding over, but that’s as unlikely as the game ever happening to begin with!

I still can’t help but dream the game will be made someday though. :slight_smile:


(The link does not appear teh_g :stuck_out_tongue: )





This is just funny :smiley: Player justice :smiley:


buttstallion one of the many reasons I ignore steam reviews XD


I love Warren Spector because of the first Deus Ex. And this is interesting :smiley: He always has some great ideas.


buttstallion I would have loved more focused time on Ravenholm. I hate Gabe even more now



Until HL3 is here


I’m surprised people still want hl3 to be a thing


The universe has so much story potential. They don’t even have to continue the story, they could tell another story with different characters. TBH I just want closure to the hl2 episodic arc.


Whatever they make regarding any game, its gonna suck. Valve has made so many bad decisions lately that I’m convinced hl3 or portal 3 or whatever 3 is going to be complete trash.


Imagine if they licensed it to cd project red… or id… I’d gave no problem living in that alternate universe.


That could be good. But we all know it’s never going to happen.


Maybe I’m naive and have too much blind faith, but despite their singular focus on nickel and diming parent’s credit cards for the last decade… I still trust Valve completely to make a competent game. Playing The Lab earlier this year reminded me of their approach to ideas and level design. It was just a demo reel of VR but that attention to design was apparent. It’s why you can still play HL1 or Portal1 all these years later and it’s still satisfying. As long as there is still hold over of those approaches at Valve; They’re capable of anything.