Half-Life Alyx

Tell me your experiences, I want it so bad, but i dont have a vr headset. I planned to finish it in a vr room, but that is out of the window it these times.

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Well, my Index came a few days ago and I Pre-Loaded Alyx last night. My body is ready


I resisted pre-ordering since I have WMR. Wanted to hear want people had to say about it. Sounds like there’s some hiccups right now with WMR controls so I’ll continue to wait it out. And then I already accidentally stumbled across and read the ending spoilers, but it was an idea a friend and I had discussed awhile ago so I wasn’t ENTIRELY disappointed… But yeah, be careful to avoid spoilers if that matters to you! Because they are all over the place!

I’ll play it eventually. I have a Vive but I kind of want to wait for a better headset.

I’ll probably pick it up this weekend.

My Index hates my Fury X so I bought a 2080 Ti and am en route to pickup from Best Buy Covid curbside fun surface


I’m surprised you even attempted using a card that old for vr.


worked great with my Vive

Holy Moly… I will hold all spoilers back on gameplay so far, but it is by far the best VR game out. Playing Alyx on Index w/ my GeForce… this is the way to be quarantined. Seeing the Half-Life world to scale is breath taking. Just was face to face with a Vortigaunt and it was crazy cool. Or having the head crabs or the head crab zombies coming at me was super intense! You have to find a way to save up and experience this for yourself.


You think a 1080ti would do the job?

Based on everything I just read from a few sites and people’s experience, yup, you should be fine for minimum 90 FPS and potentially 120.

does gsync work on the head set?

I don’t think gsync translates over to headsets but I have never seen tearing in VR as far as I can remember during normal gameplay. Once in a while a tear when something is loading, otherwise never an issue

What about stutter? I find gsync fixes both when the framerate is inconsistant.

I wish I had a room for VR

The only time I had stutter was when I tried to ramp visuals beyond my card’s capability. Even with Fury X, never had stutter once I got video settings matched with its capability

Can a 1080ti do max settings at a normal framerate?

It’s a Source 2 engine. Pretty sure anything above 980Ti could run the game at max settings and get a normal framerate.

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The combined resolution on index is 2880x1600 and you need 90fps minimum (it supports 80, 90, and 120hz with 144hz as an experimental mode) to not want to barf playing VR. You can simulate those conditions fairly easily to see. Steam’s VR benchmark is pretty handy.

I hate the idea of vr. I don’t want to play that way. But this is on my arm:

I need to know the deets.