Halo games coming to Steam (including Reach)


Well, finally I can try out these games. Probably should read the books first?

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What why? I did the askinggg

I mean why would you read the books first? I never read them and the games were still good haha

I don’t know, damn it. I thought the games are like a continuation to the books or something something. It doesn’t matter, I’ll read them anyway.

i came here to post it but i am late i guess :3

anyway i have no clue about HALO all i knew all along that it was a great franchise once dont know about now. anyone here anything about it? like is it a good singleplayer game? or is it a good multieplayer game? or both? or maybe story is too good? or maybe the gameplay is too good? or both? i would love to know before i google :3

@ShiftySatchmo said Halo games are so good that he decided to tattoo Halo logo on his forehead.

This is a must buy :wink:
Finally some awesome Coop games.
I loved the games on Xbox, played the first game on PC for many hours. Can‘t wait to play the other titles on PC aswell.

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I like how they are releasing the games one by one.

Some are better than others but they’re all fun for single, co-op, and competitive

In case someone wants to buy it.

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So Reach is a prequel to the whole series? Also, you can safely skip Combat Evolved. It was the only one of the main series to come to pc prior to this. Just copy pasta corridors…or at least those are my memories from 2004/2005.

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I’ll play all canon Halo games. I never played any of those and I literally don’t know anything about Halo.

Yeah reach is a prequel. The fall of reach was talked about in the Halo books. I don’t know if the games ever mentioned it.

I only played the pc ver of combat evolved back in the day and some twin stick shooter a few years back. So it’ll all be new to me. I forget everything about CE other than lazy level design.

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Yeah I played it growing up on the original xbox. I don’t remember the story for it at all outside of the flood showing up.