Halo games coming to Steam (including Reach)




Well, finally I can try out these games. Probably should read the books first?




What why? I did the askinggg


I mean why would you read the books first? I never read them and the games were still good haha


I don’t know, damn it. I thought the games are like a continuation to the books or something something. It doesn’t matter, I’ll read them anyway.


i came here to post it but i am late i guess :3

anyway i have no clue about HALO all i knew all along that it was a great franchise once dont know about now. anyone here anything about it? like is it a good singleplayer game? or is it a good multieplayer game? or both? or maybe story is too good? or maybe the gameplay is too good? or both? i would love to know before i google :3


@ShiftySatchmo said Halo games are so good that he decided to tattoo Halo logo on his forehead.


This is a must buy :wink:
Finally some awesome Coop games.
I loved the games on Xbox, played the first game on PC for many hours. Can‘t wait to play the other titles on PC aswell.


I like how they are releasing the games one by one.


Some are better than others but they’re all fun for single, co-op, and competitive


In case someone wants to buy it.