Hogwarts Legacy (My Thoughts)

I dont know about you guys But this game was a childhood dream for me. I grew up watching those movies reading those books and playing those games. First few games was okay/great but later games were actual Garbage. Potterhead fans like me, we never actually get a chance to roam those castle’s like we wanted. you know i always wondered when i was kid, how it would actually feel to walk in those castle’s, sorted in a house in a RPG Game. And when i saw the first gameplay trailer i was convinced. Since now the reviews are coming in i am actually so much happy that at least its not going to be a garbage game. i actually went through all the reviews out there. and i think i can some up the pros and cons for you guys.

I actually went through all these reviews. And this is what i think about the game (without playing it :3)

  • For every Potterhead out there this game will actually fulfill our expectations. its basically a childhood dream came true situation here and there will be many biased fans too which is also justified xD
  • I think side quest’s are gonna be extremely repetitive.
  • Just like any other modern games this game will have stability issue. it already has huge stutters on PS5
  • I think Story is nothing too fancy. Just a generic story to defeat evil.
  • But i think there will be enough content, puzzles to solve, Many many companions to do side activities and reveal their stories and roam around in Hogwarts, Hogsmeade & nearby villages. So its gonna be a pretty big for sure.
  • We never get to fight with wands properly in a third person view, for us gamers its a totally new thing but what I checked so far i think combat is going to be good and polished enough and lets just hope its not repetitive.
  • Lack of enemy varieties

Share your thoughts too about this game

All I’m gonna say is that I care waaaaaay more about Atomic Heart launch than the Hogwarts one. To me Hogwarts Legacy is no different than any other open world RPG game out there and the reviews show that.

That doesn’t mean I’m not gonna play it though. I’ll just wait until it’s on a fat sale. There are way too many open world games and it’s getting repetitive to play the same thing over and over.

They say the combat is fun. I have it slowly installing on my steam deck over hotel wifi haha. I’ll let you know what I think

I plan to give it a shot at some point. The biggest issue for me is that my PC has aged so much that it does not meet the minimum requirements.

If and when I can swing a new pc, I’ll most likely give this a try if reviews are still saying good things about it. I never really got around to watching all the movies, but it looks good!

I’ve played it for about an hour and so far I enjoy it. It definitely feels like what you’d hope for. I’m in Ravenclaw I guess. I’m addicted to blasting pots and stuff with my wand. It looks cool!

yah i guess its a decent game we hardcore fan deserved. reviews are positive everywhere

nice. i guess we potterheads will have finally some closure about getting a good harry potter game

By the way, is it just me or can no one run this game in true Fullscreen? It only gives me windowed and windowed Fullscreen options, which means no HDR, etc. I didn’t notice when I was on my steam deck but on my PC I was looking at the settings and realized it.

Did you run the game in DX12 or 11? DX12 does not support exclusive full screen.

Beats me it wasn’t an option.

This has been a blast for me so far. I also had it downloading over hotel WiFi for 12 hours while I was away.

I guess each house has an exclusive mission. I refuse to play this 4 times haha. Might start over as a Hufflepuff so I can do the prison one

this game is perfect guys!! wtf…i didnt expected it to be this good !!! and i really didnt expect a good combat/spell casting.

only issue was for me is that only 4 slots for spells and i have to rotate it fast during combat to try multiple combos. its hectic with kb. i am not sure how it works with a controller

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It really is great so far!

You can unlock more spell sets and scroll through them pretty quickly, but I do agree that I’d love a bigger hotbar.

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I mean it was clearly designed for a controller