ShiftySatchmo: Games I Beat in 2024

Somehow…someway…I beat games.

2/24/24: Dead Space Remake (PC) ~14.5 hours

3/28/24: Hogwarts Legacy (PC) ~ 25 hours

5/19/24: Finding Paradise (PC) ~ No idea how long

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I beat the Dead Space remake. It was freaking amazing! I enjoyed the original a lot and the remake improved upon it in every way. This was a remake done right and I really hope they do 2 next. I played a good chunk of the middle on steam deck and it handled it surprisingly well. I played chapters 7-12 after I got a new monitor and it was ridiculously amazing on 32:9! This is the monitor if you’re curious.


I beat Hogwarts Legacy! It was very well done. I especially enjoyed the combat and the final sequence. I don’t have a ton of time for open world stuff, so I did some but mostly focused on the main story. I definitely recommend it! I played some on PC and some on Steam Deck. It ran surprisingly well on the deck. It had great 32:9 support too!



Next game Yakuza 0

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I beat Finding Paradise via Steam Deck while on airplanes and stuff. It was chill like To the Moon.

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