Immortals Fenyx Rising

This is my next game! Actually, I’m already around 10 hours in. This game right here is a hidden gem. Underrated as hell. Criminally underrated. Disgustingly underrated it makes me wanna puke. So far there is literally nothing bad about this game. It’s funny, looks like Zelda BOTW, AC Odyssey and Genshin Impact had a wild time in bed. Comedy in this game is hilarious, combat is solid, story even better, visually it looks fantastic (at least on PS5), 60 fps, 4k, packed with content, rewarding as hell… Ubisoft made a winner with this one!

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Added to list.

Take a look at your list if you have a game called Gods and Monsters. If so, you can remove it since Ubisoft renamed the game to Immortals Fenyx Rising. Apparently Monster Energy didn’t like the name so Ubi had to rename it. I think.

Nope, wasn’t there.

I ignored it from mediocre reviews. Should have known better

I didn’t even look at the reviews. I just got the game from @PeaceLeon, he said it’s fantastic and it really is fantastic. I guess he’s my reviewer. Kai the IGN or Kai the Eurogamer or Kai the Polygon huheuhuuheuheuehuehue


This game was on my list as well, but I put it down further since it got mediocre reviews.

Yeah it’s mediocre since it doesn’t have enough woke features like a buffed up Abby or a ptsd Ellie.

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I got it for Josh per your review so if he hates it it’s your fault.

If he hates this then he hates Zelda botw

Is this a freemium game? I recall you mentioning one a while ago which made me ignore it due to that fact.

Damn it he does hate Zelda BOTW! Does this have weapons that break after two hits?!

That’s genshin impact not immortals

No, that crappy ““feature”” does not exist in immortals.


Oh ok he will probably like it better then.

Your main character can actually talk too. Full voice acting for every other npc as well. There are also weapon and armor customization, multiple skills and abilities, tons of puzzles, tons of areas to explore, tons of collectibles, gazillion side quests and mini bosses, several challenges throughout the map… It’s impossible not to like this game.

I just finished it. I love the ending. I did everything and it took me 49 hours to completely clean the game. Highly recommended!

Thanks again @PeaceLeon for the game. You should finish it as wellllllllllllllllllll