It has arrived in my city. (Covid-19)

Welp first case in Marion County has hit, good thing I plan to hermit and play video games like normal. Cause ill be darned if I am catching that crap.

We have 341 confirmed currently and 1 death in our country… Stay safe.

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We had 3 couple weeks ago in my city. All recovered.

Only problem in my area (so far) has been the panic buying. I’m fine though, I live that bidet life anyway.

Lets hope it stays that way man, all I can keep thinking. We Gamers are made for this Quarentine life lol.

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No cases in my city, but there are cases in my province. The base is 70% shut down and somehow I’m still essential. They split up my department into day and night shifts though. I’m working 0630-1400, and the night shift suckas are working 1430-2200. This way less people are near eachother at any given time.

New Brunswick went into a state of emergency a couple days ago. My life is unchanged. Other than there was no white bread, no ice tea, no green tea, no green onions, and no zantac when I went to the grocery store on thursday. NB Liquor and grocery stores are exempt from shutting down. And all I do anyway is play games at home. I’m a social distancing hipster. I was doing it before it was cool.

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Three days ago we had 1 confirmed case in my city. Yesterday it was 5, this morning it’s up to 15. Things are escalating quickly and nobody seems to really care here.

1,150 cases and 23 deaths here in California, but California is also pretty large and populated. The entire state is ordered to stay at home besides for some essential things.

Onions are insanely hard to find here too! It’s the great onion shortage of 2020


I was at least able to get red ones. I usually get both. I’ll try again next grocery day.

Steam has had an insane number of people online at once. At least we can go outside still.

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131 cases, 16 recovered, 6 deaths in Hungary. Just hoping we can avoid a situation like Italy.

Shopping is not a problem here. Of course the panic buyers bought everything last week but it is normalized now, shops are full but not with people. Life is totally stopped, all I do almost everyday is do shopping for the elders in the neighborhood…and of course gaming during the afternoon and the night.
Good thing I am not a huge materialist person because i dont know how much we can do this without jobs and a weakening currency. Games and Netflix and Spotify etc already costs 25% more than last month.


Cases rising pretty quickly here in Michigan over the weekend. Dunno if we got a shipment of tests, or if it is just spreading faster. Or both. But I’m pretty sure our totals are nipping on the heels of California at this rate. Governor extended the bar/restaurant/gym/theater/salons/etc closure until April 13th which will be four weeks total when we get there. Auto plants are shutting down mostly this week. A lot of folks without work. Panic buying is still a bit of a problem here. But all the old folks I know and the ones that live on my street seem stocked up well enough. Still haven’t heard of anybody within a few degrees of separation having it. And my county is okay so far. But it is definitely still making the rounds out there. Wacky times.

Edit: And now we’re joining the “stay-at-home” club at midnight tonight.

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Some idiot at work thought it would be a good idea to go visit someone who was self quarantining due to just returning from Cuba. That person was also an idiot for letting him in. Buddy was talking about it at work like it was nothing and that’s the only way we would have known… and now we’ve all been sent home.


Idiot was the right word choice.




@Katsuo how you doing?

Due to this crisis our government has declared that any person breaking self quarantine or isolation
will be penalized financially. The penalties are from 500€ to 2500€ plus possible jail time if repeated. As far as I can see no one is breaking the rule.



So how are people supposed to get food, if they have no money?