Jedi Fallen Order

No topic for this yet? Odd.

Fun support for @gord0 and his anti pre ordering ways.


If even just one pre-order knob has buyer’s remorse, I’m happy.


Buggy souls game

So…a souls game?

I am such a noob I could not finish the first real planet on easy. I am so bad with souls games.

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I can relate to that. XD

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I was told Hollow Knight was a souls game. It’s not. Doesn’t have shit controls. Doesn’t make me feel like clubbing a baby seal with a dead puppy. Not a souls game. Hopefully this game proves the same…as for buggy, hopefully it’s all patched up by the time I get to it.

  • Shit controls

  • Souls games

Chose one

ShitControls && DifficultForSakeOfDifficult == SoulsGame;


Yes, a SW Souls like Game but had a great story… I beat it when I had Origin Primer for a month last year. 8/10 I would give it maybe 8.5.

Not an 8.57 though?


This is my next game! Can you believe it? It’s the first game EA has published in a long long long time. You pay money and get a game. No chizzled off dlc. No micro jank or other wallet raping. No season pass. No costume shit. No paying to skip playing the game. No “surprise mechanics”. The only dlc is just sound track and behind the scenes shit no one cares about. They actually made a game!

That said, coming off of a masterpiece like Judgment, it’s a bit of a let down as you can tell they’re just begrudgingly checking off the boxes of the requirements for an actual game. Feels kind of soul-less. Still fun enough not to return though.

Running at max settings at 1440p>60 (usually >80). Wish they had a pc upgrade pack that upped the texture quality, geometry complexity, and animation quality though. You can tell the game is shackled to the base ps4/xbone.

Will post more later!


Thought you were no fan of souls games? Hmmmm

I think I just don’t like souls games that have “souls” or “born” in the title.

Soo, you like Sekiro and Nioh. Yesss