Jedi Fallen Order

No topic for this yet? Odd.

Fun support for @gord0 and his anti pre ordering ways.


If even just one pre-order knob has buyer’s remorse, I’m happy.


Buggy souls game

So…a souls game?

I am such a noob I could not finish the first real planet on easy. I am so bad with souls games.

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I can relate to that. XD

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I was told Hollow Knight was a souls game. It’s not. Doesn’t have shit controls. Doesn’t make me feel like clubbing a baby seal with a dead puppy. Not a souls game. Hopefully this game proves the same…as for buggy, hopefully it’s all patched up by the time I get to it.

  • Shit controls

  • Souls games

Chose one

ShitControls && DifficultForSakeOfDifficult == SoulsGame;


Yes, a SW Souls like Game but had a great story… I beat it when I had Origin Primer for a month last year. 8/10 I would give it maybe 8.5.

Not an 8.57 though?