Jedi Fallen Order

Just beat it! It’s a good game, but it shouldn’t have been so hard. I wish they had gone with a different formula. I’m not even sure it was worth it. I hope the next ACTUAL game that ea shits out for star wars is not a souls game.

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I beat it. Not enough payoff.

Finished this one too. I love everything in this game. This game’s story shits on everything Disney made in the last 10 years Star Wars related. Worth the full price. I hope next Star Wars will be in the same formula. For everyone who suck at pressing the parry button, there is a difficulty thing in this game which lets you breeze through the game without breaking a sweat.


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I like who shows up at the end : ]

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Me too. I hope there will be a sequel to this so we can have funnnn

Well I suck so much I couldnt do the first planet on story difficulty and deleted the game. Glad I pirated the demo :smiley: stupid souls games :smiley: Jedi Academy ftw

I hate souls games and I beat this game.

This game is far from a souls game. Just because you respawn enemies by resting, doesn’t make it a souls game. I played this game on whatever the middle difficulty is and played it like it’s a Force Unleashed game. Just learn to use the abilities and you’ll be set.

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Except I beat it on default difficulty. XD

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I played that one on normal too.

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Your normal difficulty of easy?

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PS: @teh_g why didn’t you buy it for me twice yet?

I wanted to buy it for you but I remember you saying you’ll play it through EA access.

Haha yeah, someday. Some… day…

I can if you want it for your birthday.

Never. I demand something surprisingly shocking (nothing)

Quietly removes from wishlist…

Don’t make me click an ign link. What’s the bad part aside from EA being the publisher?