Katsuo - January Gamer Challenge

Finished Final Fantasy XV. 100/10 - Absolute perfection. Have 3 more trophies to unlock and I’ll platinum the game.

Am I the only one thinks that all shots from this game look like a bad 90’s boy-band pop video?

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Sgt_T8ie Hmmm you might be right! Although, the “boy band” fellas look a bit different at the end of the game!

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Sgt_T8ie Can’t say more or else I would spoil the hell out of everything

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Katsuo Exactly… from the top picture of yours. From left - The “edgy” one, “Glasses/quirky”, the one that looks like a girl, the “safe” one.

Katsuo Also not saying the game isn’t tempting…

Sgt_T8ie You got the edgy correct and you failed the other ones haha
You can also change their outfit in the game of course. I kinda like how they look for some reason. It matches their personality totally. And it gives the casual feel of the characters in the storytelling. Also, the atmosphere in the game is quite dark and probably that’s the reason why most of the characters are in dark clothing. Well, except the car mechanic girl Cindy. She’s a complete whore.
Here are more screenshots…I have tons of 'em and I would like to post em all but that would spoil everythinggggggg

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Finished Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst. Excellent fighting game! Well, you watch more anime in the game than fight but whatever. Anyway, animations are perfect, voice acting perfect, combat system beyond excellent. There are two things I don’t like in UNS3 though. Difficulty and length. You can finish the game in around 12 hours, even less (4 hours) if you skip all the cutscenes. The game is extremely easy even if you choose the legendary decision. I got nearly all S rank except the tailed beast battle and the battle against Madara. I got a B there and because of that I have to replay the game to get the damn achievement. If I had to choose between Dragon Ball Xenoverse and this game, I would choose Naruto because I really had fun fighting in the game. They could’ve added a bit more combos and ultimate finishers. You get kinda bored by pressing 2 buttons to get your ultimate finisher. But definitely better than the kamehameha in Dragon Ball Xenoverse which is the most annoying thing ever.



Finished One Piece: Burning Blood. Awesome game but I’m a bit disappointed with it. It’s so damn short. Literally, 4.5 hours of main storyline. They included only the Paramount War arc, which was ages ago in the anime. I was expecting the game will follow the Dressrossa arc and Zou arc but they weren’t in the game. And that’s a huge disappointment. When I checked “howlongtobeat.com”, One Piece: Burning Blood has literally 15 hours of content (main story + side missions called “Wanted posters”) and that’s even more disappointing. Especially when the price of the game is almost 45 bucks. While, the game lacks content, I have to admit, I like the combat way more than in the Naruto fighting games. It’s not a one shot fiesta and it’s actually challenging. Button mashing in One Piece: BB is pointless and you have to actually think what the best way is to counter your enemy. The animation is awesome, although there were times when the lip syncing was off and the character would keep talking even though the voice has stopped. But I noticed that happening 3 times. Not a big deal.
There is another downside in the game and that’s the multiplayer. It’s dead. No one plays it and I can understand that since no one would spend 50 bucks for a game that really lacks content and where the Steam leaderboard is broken. So basically, you’ll lose your stats the moment you quit the game.
While the game has these flaws, I will still recommend it to anyone who likes One Piece. It’s fun and the way they are telling us the story is nice. If you ever find this game at a sale ($15 max), you should get it and spend some time playing it. It’s worth.


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Finished Far Cry 3. My god what a game! I usually don’t like these type of games where you are supposed to explore the whole thing in first person mode but Far Cry 3 is definitely a game worth playing. The storyline is absolutely top notch. Unique, with a few twists here and there to keep things fresh. Awesome!

The world is huuuuuuuge. Lots of room to explore and lots of stuff to do. Ubisoft really wanted for us to feel like we are on a island and they really wanted us to feel like we can do whatever we want on the island. Unfortunately, while there are a lot of things to explore, I feel like there aren’t many animals on the island and that the variety of “loot” is a bit boring. Basically, everything you will see is 4 different animals with 5 different plants to collect and that’s pretty much all. Here and there you will find a relic that will tell you more stuff about the tribes that are on island. And that lack of variety kinda puts me in a meh mode and I really don’t feel like I want to explore more.

While the world is huge, I also have to say that the island is visually beautiful. There were times when I intentionally climbed on top of a hill just to enjoy the view. It’s really pretty hiihikihhi
Not to mention that the graphics are also really damn good. I’ve been running the game on max settings with decent framerate and I was surprised how good the game optimized is.

What I really like the most is the freaking gun sounds. They are so freaking accurate and I really “felt” the punch of the guns when shooting. And that is something many games don’t have. That is why I really don’t like Battlefield because their guns are somehow weak. I want to feel the power of the gun and Far Cry 3 beautifully demonstrates the sound.

I’m pretty sure everyone played the game so far and I’m pretty sure everyone is rating the game with a high score. Unfortunately, I can’t give it more than 8/10 on the GX scale. The reason for that is that the game is not long enough and that the exploration can be a bit boring because you will be searching for the same thing for hours. Also the side quests and the camp “invasion” are kinda meh because there is no freaking reason why would you do them except for the achievements and obtaining a few skill points. Also there were a few bugs that made me restart the game a few times and that kinda drove me nuts because it happened to many times.

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Katsuo your complaints are mostly fixed in part 4. More animals and stuff to do. I liked 3 more because I liked the island setting and the skill system more, but I bet you’d like 4 more.

ShiftySatchmo I was thinking about giving it 9/10 because the game is really good. I’ve read a lot of comments about FC4 and a lot of people said that it’s nowhere near FC3 when it comes to storytelling. And I really don’t care about exploring if the story is meh.

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Katsuo yeah I liked the story in 3 more. Magic tattoos to explain wacky skills works for me haha.

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Katsuo I know you dislike zombies but you should seriously consider dying light. It has a similar vibe and is amazing.

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ShiftySatchmo It’s not like I totally dislike zombies. It’s more that I haven’t found a zombie game better than call of duty black ops zombies. That’s the reason I have the trilogy on my wishlist. Zombiesssss

ShiftySatchmo We should play Coop by time :wink:

PeaceLeon Isn’t that game banned for you guys in Germany?

Katsuo We can’t buy it here in Germany … but I never said I can’t buy it somewhere else and use it here in Germany :wink:
I just can’t see the game in the steam store but since I activated the key online I can play it.

PeaceLeon You cheated Gaben :scream:

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