Katsuo - November Gamer Challenge

Finished Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

It has been a while since I played any RPGs in 60fps so this was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo refreshing to me haha.
Awesome port!
Also, the trilogy ended so good with this game. I love the ending. I love the CGI at the end and I love everything about the entire trilogy. I agree that FFXIII-1 is linear and the storyline is a bit generic and meh but XIII-2 made it better and Lightning Returns made it a masterpiece.
The questline is very well done in LR. The side quests never felt boring and the main quest/storyline is perfect. There are a lot of plot twists and basically I was really nicely surprised by the ending of the game. Lumina was definitely the reason why the ending is so good.
Lightning Returns had a different (improved ofc) combat system so that’s also a huge plus.
The entire world is beautiful and very good designed. There were places where I was amazed how it looked.
Graphically, the entire game looks amazing and everything looked and felt so smooth and shiny. Crystals yoooo.

The cons:

  • Sometime the game bugs out and every single door in the game starts to close and open and they make some really annoying sounds. Sometimes it can happen when you are in middle of conversation. Don’t know why is that happening but I found it a bit annoying.
  • I don’t think this is really a con but in order to play Lightning Returns, you have to play the previous two games or you will have no idea what’s happening in this game. Everything is connected so, yeah, you have to play the first two.
  • Some of the songs in the game are quite boring but there are songs that are absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, the ones that are beautiful are usually in the main menu and in the combat.
  • Sometimes the fps drops in crowded areas like Luxerion. Not a big deal though because when you get out of the city, the 60 fps mark turns back.

I totally recommend the entire trilogy to everyone. It’s not expensive on Steam so you should be able to pick it up on sale for a really reasonable price.
Score? I’m giving it 9/10 for the entire trilogy. Lightning Returns really made the trilogy tons of times better.

Here are some pics of Lightning and her beautiful face. My waifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Great graphics.

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Finished all of the DLCs for Rise of the Tomb Raider. Got to say, the DLCs are really good. I liked the Blood Ties story a bit more than Baba Yaga. Endurance is also a hella good addition since it’s a multiplayer feature and you can basically play and survive the harsh elements in Syberia with your friend. I’m currently finishing the co-op achievements for Endurance. Found a random dude in matchmaking that agreed to help me clear the achievements.
All in all, I’d rather wait for the season pass to drop in price if you wanted to pick it up. The reason is simply because each of the DLCs are max 2 hours of gameplay. Literally, you can collect everything and finish the entire story in all DLCs in 4-6 hours. Most of the achievements are from Endurance and you can complete even that relatively fast. But, I think it’s worth spending 4 hours of your time to see what it is all about.
Also there is a DLC called Lara’s Nightmare which is basically a zombie hunt that isn’t a zombie hunt XD
The game and DLCs are easily 9/10 from me.
I mean cmon, you can pick up a chicken bow and shoot chickens…with a chicken. Also there is a interesting card which makes Lara’s head huge and she can fart rainbows. HOW CAN SOMEONE DISLIKE THAT?!


Katsuo So you do the CoOp without me?! :crying_cat_face:

PeaceLeon I’ll do it again if you want. It’s fun! I was waiting for your call for about 15 days. -.-

Finished Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare campaign on Hard. It’s a pretty damn good campaign. It’s extremely dark and it’s extremely well, Call of Duty. The campaign is packed with hella lot of action and you basically have no time to rest. I’d say it’s a high quality boots on the ground military game and I can easily say it’s one of the best shooter campaigns I’ve ever played. 9/10 from me.
Also, the game is amazingly optimized. My PC ran the game without sweat.
The only downside is that the campaign is waaaaaaaaay too short. It’s around 5 hours with the side missions. And sometimes because of that, the story progression feels kinda rushed. Like they couldn’t wait to conclude the campaign.
The reason I pirated this game is that I wanted to see if the gamers are right when they called that this game is garbage. Well, as usual, these same gamers are nothing but a whiny bunch of wussies that are stuck in some kind of their sick mental hipster donkey stupidity. Right now, I really wish another sci-fi Call of Duty game. Set in the same time in the same theme.
I haven’t played Zombies nor the multiplayer because well, it’s a dirty copy I’ve played but I’ll eventually buy the game when it comes to a decent sale. Right now, the campaign only is worth at least 25 bucks.
I recommend it and buy it on sale!
Here are some pics from the game:

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Katsuo You just started this afternoon…Do you have a life? And a job? Ask Arsononion if he can get you one :smiley:

( I have robots, that robot mission was awful :smiley: )

ButtStallion said in Katsuo - November Gamer Challenge:

It’s a 4.5 hours campaign. I finished in 2 sessions. What are you trying to say? XD
My father is in Croatia this week so all the work I’m supposed to have is cancelled until next week. And I’m working with him. How do you think I’m alive if I had no work? XD

Katsuo Nonsense, I spent almost 6 hours with this on hard :smiley: Took me at least 3 days :smiley:

ButtStallion That’s obviously a lie. The game isn’t even hard on hard.

Katsuo It took 3 days because it is good, but sooooo repetitive and boring with the side missions. :smiley:

ButtStallion I didn’t do all the side missions. I’ve checked them out, finished 2 of em and at first the game only showed me the jackal missions so I didn’t bother doing them all. If the game was legit on Steam, I would do them for the achievements but since it’s a dirty copy, there’s no reason for me to do them xD
I was basically assuming that the side missions are the same and that it doesn’t take much time to finish em because the first two side missions I’ve done, didn’t even take half an hour to complete them.

Katsuo I did all the side missions. It was always different…slightly…kill a squadron of fighters or blow up destroyers…or do both :smiley: The usual gunning type of missions were better, stealth killing, sabotage, space walk with jetpack :smiley: The jackal missions were more boring and the same.

ButtStallion Ah damn it. They should’ve put different missions at first immediately and not after I finish some. That’s why I didn’t bother doing the other missions because only the jackal ones were available.
I thought the side missions are only jackal missions. I’m gonna go through them later on. Maybe they’ll trigger some different ending or something like that.

Katsuo There is no different ending, only better weapons, melee knifes and perks :smiley:

ButtStallion I noticed that I got some weapon with some addition for that weapon when I ended the game. Kinda useless because I have no multiplayer in the game haha

Katsuo You supposed to use them in the SP campaign :smiley: which give you an edge in the “hard difficulty” :smiley:

ButtStallion There was a difficulty called hardened. I’ll use the weapon in that difficulty xD
I like how you can change the weapon perks and add-on before the missions. Kinda feels RPGish xD

Katsuo And if you choose wrong, you can replace it in the first 15 seconds. If you have enough strenght or intelligence :smiley:

ButtStallion I think I’ll just wait for the game to go to sale and buy a legit copy. It seems there are quite a few things to discover in the game. Not to mention the zombies and their easter eggs haha