Meh - Game Challenge 2019


Woohoo, finished a game in 2019!

Finished Shadow of the Iron Fist…erm, I mean Tomb Raider. Yeah. Good game. Beautiful visuals, pretty good soundtrack, trashy gunplay, cool puzzles, ok story, meh ending. 7/10



I finished a game that I didn’t finish. It’s Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. I didn’t finish it because it’s trash. The amount of pointless grind that I needed to do in order to just progress the damn story is just disgusting. If the story was any good, I would probably grind the stupid citizens and continue the damn game. I decided to uninstall it, open up youtube and see the boss fights and ending.

I love JRPG games and rarely you’ll find a JRPG game that sucks. I don’t even remember that I played one that sucked. BUT Ni No Kuni 2 is just a gigantic disappointment and I feel so bad because of it. Visually it looks pretty damn good. The music is beautiful and the combat is freaking amazing. But the story…the story is so bad and generic, I just lost interest in the game completely.

If you like JRPG games or any action based japanese games, go look for something else than Ni No Kuni 2. It’s bad. Here’s a review that pretty much described the game.

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Yeah, the grind was not my favorite thing in the world.



The last chapter with the level 3 castle development was so dumb. So unnecessary.

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Finished Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon’s campaign. This game is top quality AAA super mega masterpiece. Only a fool wouldn’t play this game. Do yourself a favor and buy the damn thing. Play it. Play it again after you play it. Then play it more. 15/10

Time for the second part of the game boissss.



Glad you liked it :heart:



Tyrant’s footsteps… I can still hear them

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Finished RE2R Claire’s campaign. It’s the same thing with better weapons and better ending. I think I’m gonna do the achievement run later on. This game deserves a juicy 100% smoochie olala. 15/10



Look at you, counting the same game as two games. You just beat the game once finally :laughing: :heart:



You are jelly because I finished stuff, that all.

It counts now as 3 finished games.



I’m jealous that you play games at all

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I decided to clean my entire backlog this week. Yakuza 0 is the next game I’m gonna beat. 14 hours in, 16ish to go. After that AC Odyssey, then DQXI. Gotta clean everything before Sekiro comes out.



Finished the best game ever made. Yakuza 0. Everyone should play Yakuza 0. Even your dog or cat. Or hamster, turtle, freaking lasagna. Everyone and everything should play Yakuza 0.


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How did you know my lasagna plays games



@sYnCroSis told me

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