Metroid Dread

I got this because I’m going to be on an airplane for a while. I’ll let you know how it is after the flight!

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I’ve heard that when it gets hecktic, people dock and use a real controller.

I have a stand with a battery pack and a pro controller for air travel since I used to fly a decent amount for work. I prefer not to use the handheld controls if I can help it.

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“I’m not that interested in Metroid games” he said


Figured I’d give it a shot haha

…and then he proceeds to shoot a game. Muricans and their guns


I don’t have a gun but I do have a recurve bow


I didn’t look into this game at all to the point I didn’t even know they went back to 2D haha. Anyway, it’s solid so far. The boss fights are cool and there is a bit of a survival horror vibe where you have to hide from angry robots that kill you if they catch you.

Parry them

I have successfully parried those robots maybe three times. It’s more effective to just not get caught.

Then just kite them and kill them duuuh

From what I’ve gathered, they’re intended for you to evade until you find something that can kill them.

Works and looks great on my PC. :smiley:


You have to kill mini bosses to collect special energy to kill them. Like @gord0 said, you evade until then.

He probably bought the game and emulated it on PC. He’s smart, not a thief. :))))))))))))))))))))

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That sounds…like too much work

It’s a fun mechanic. I like running and screaming

It’s also just an evolution of metroidvania. You already had to acquire a bunch of gear to get everywhere… it’s just more metroidvania.

I beat this game. It got better and better as it went, which is nice. There wasn’t much of a story really, but it was enough to keep it going. The boss fights and abilities were awesooooommmmme. I’d say 8/10. Took 8.5 hours to beat. I definitely did not clear everything.

PS: Docked and with a pro controller for this one. I almost never play Switch docked because I mainly play it while traveling but this one I did and it was much better than the few hours I played it handheld.