Middle Earth: Shadow of War


So I just started this game. Seems pretty good so far. Arkham Mordor. Now that they’ve patched it into being an actual game anyway. Seems worth beating so far.

Runs smoothly at max settings at 1800p (DSR 1440p). That said, even with the 4k cinematic pack, the cut scenes looks like trash compared to actual gameplay. Won’t they ever clue in that if they have to use video clips, then it has to look better than max settings at max res!?!?!

Will post more later!


The cutscenes are hot garbage. They looked worse before the pack if it makes you feel better.


Looks like they just frapsed the damn things. They had low graphics settings though. So you don’t get pixelation, but it looks like the cut scenes are from 2011. They should have just done scripted cut scenes. Would cut out probably a 100gb of video files and saved them time and money.


I think you guys need to check your eyes. The cutscenes are OK. Cheers :beers:


I literally just got back from the smoke shack and everyone agrees the supposedly 4k cut scenes look like ass. One person said going from a cut scene to gameplay is the same graphical difference from the first 3d prince of persia games to ac odyssey. It’s not that bad, but still gross. I think the cut scenes were recorded at 4k low…whereas I’m running the game at 1800p max. So the only thing I’m spared is pixelation due to the video being higher res than what I’m rendering at. Trash.


It still looked OK to me. :thinking:


Still a huge waste of 100gb. If you’re gonna cheap out and use vids, make them look better than max settings and max res or you just take the user out of the experience as well as back to 2002.


I almost bought it today Kinguin had the gold edition on sale for like $20 I decided to pass for now cause I have to many games as it stands and bought ff zodiac and the fallout 4 season pass while they where on sale.


It’s never worth buying anything on Kinguin :wink:


If for no other reason than in benefits that cunt angel.


Also, any site selling something that suggests you pay a fee in case what you’re buying isn’t legitimate is a sketchy place to offer your payment information. Also, also, the prices aren’t much better than anywhere else.


Buying games at full price is the best :heart_eyes:


Buy it from Sami instead


It’s starting to get fairly decent. Definitely can’t use my usual completion method for open world games.


Man! When shit hits the fan, does it ever hit the fan!


It would seem I’m balls-deep now.

  • Helm’s Deep


Beat the main game, just started elf bitch dlc. : ]




Of course not. There are certain levels of busywork that are beneath me. I did 68%.

On that note I just beat Blade of Galadriel at 100% lol…but that’s just coincidence. I literally had no ambition of getting 100%.

About to start the Desolation of Mordor dlc.