Need some CPU Advice.


Alright, so im placing an order on the 3rd of March for a new custom built PC… yes I know building it would be better but because of how things normally go when I try to do this and how my PC has been for sometime I have decided to order one from a place that approved me from financing and even checked the BBB and found great reviews. So my question is Ryzen or Intel… Nvidia / AMD doesnt matter to me at this moment on GPU untill I figure out the CPU/MOBO.


I would go for nvidia because AMD still doesn’t have any cards that go toe to toe with nvidia’s high end cards. I would go Intel because AMD’s best still doesn’t beat Intel’s best for gaming performance…however if price does matter, go Ryzen. (this is all assuming you’re going fully top of the line because some Ryzens beat some Intels for gaming)


Yea, I was leaning to Ryzen most of all even if it meant having to get a GTX 1060 6gb… though with what my financing offers for a monthly max I am leaning towards Ryzen 5 2600 just have to go back and forth on the mobo/ram and psu on that end of things but I have been working on it to see what I can squeeze into it. If I don’t plan to overclock it right off, would the AMD Stealth Air cooler with it be alright for now you think?


If you’re going fully built financing, at least get a 1080ti so you can join the max settings club for most games. A mid range cpu won’t hurt noticably with a beefy gpu. For ram, at least 16gb ddr4. Coolers, I’m not familiar with. My current Threadripper 1900x came with some liquid solution I already forget the name of. Do they have a configuration tool?


They do, however I could only get approved for a 175 a month payment max on my financing. Sadly, the 1080ti is a extra 75 a month ontop of it which makes it over my limit for my monthly payment. However I could get a 2060 or a GTX 1070 if I play around with options abit and lower psu and such and go with b350 instead of x370. At the moment its really which pieces to prioritize… CPU/MOBO/RAM or the GPU. However, once I have made payments for awhile or paid it off they offer limit uppage and or upgrade options as well.


What resolution are you playing on? What for are you aiming for? If you just need 1080p @ 60fps you can get by pretty easily these days without buying anything too crazy. Very few games rely heavily enough on cpu to notice at that level so a mid cpu is A-OK. Get the best graphics card you can afford so you can ride it out for a long time. That’s usually going to be your bottleneck. The way games are going, you should definitely get 16 GB DDR4 as @gord0 said.


1080p max and would like if possible ultra settings. The lowest I can go is Ryzen 3 but would prefer atleast a Ryzen 5 1500x if I have to go lower then a 2600 to be sure my GPU is up to par. I know I read the 1080 Ti works fine on a Ryzen 5 1600/1600x with little to no issues but once again the 1080 ti is out of my range.


Still don’t understand why people go for 1080Ti over a RTX 2080. 2080 is cheaper and stronger…See if you have an option to pick up a RTX 2080. Maybe that will be in your price range.


Could also check out 2070. I just feel you should be above bitch tier lol xx60 and xx50 strike me as bitch tier.


One notable thing is 1080ti has 11gb vram. So some settings can really be cranked.


Meh, for someone who’s using a 1080p or 2k monitor, VRAM won’t be an issue. 8 gigs is enoughuhuhuhuhhh




@Gorkie can the configuration tool be used without an account so we can play with it?


Let me check for you. Yes yes it can I will say they offer better financing and options in most ways then I was offered from Lenovo.


That’s US only, right?


From what I can tell yes, because I only find mention of free shipping to all states.


I’ll poke around tomorrow. Going to bed.


Alright, thanks man. I appreciate the help :slight_smile:


I’m going to have to try this when I get back to home to a proper connection. I’ve tried like 7 vpn servers across the continent and the site barely loads.


Wow, I have not had a single issue with it. I wonder if its got something to do with being in Canada? Could be wrong mind you but who knows with internet companys