Need some CPU Advice.


For me it works perfectly fine. Buy internet @gord0 -san


The room I’m in has 1 bar of signal. I also did try some US servers. Might be the mobile site is borked.


Lol, my mom calls me “Gordy-san” sometimes.


She knew you gonna be weeb like most of the humanity so named you Gordy. Kawaiiiiiii~~~~~~~~~


Ok so I had a thought for an option here… It seems they give a option for RX 550 2gb lowing the price, my thought is where I have 175 a month to start working with was to focus on everything else but the GPU for now. Use my RX 470 8gb Gaming X untill they do up my monthly limit allowing me to move the 550 2gb into my old PC which I am giving to my mothers boyfriend to use and this way I can get something stronger like a Ryzen 5 2600x or a Ryzen 7 1700/1800x and make sure the other parts are good enough for the system. @gord0 This would allow me once they do give me the higher limit to use the upgrade option and grab a GTX 1080 Ti or a RTX 2070/2080.Screenshot_3 This is what I have been playing around with most of the day, and it meets the max budget per month they have given me. Even squeezing in Liquid cooling, M.2, the max ram Mhz they offer and a 1tb HD and a x370 as they do not have the x470 or b450s. I have 2 SSD that would be transfered over as well and before you say it @Katsuo the most of the motherboards are ASUS and they only have an ASUS x370 or I would go with Asrock/MSI.

Edit: The M.2 has been changed to 14000Mb/s as I found it also fit into it and didnt go over my limit.


I suppose that would be a good way to go about it…unless you know someone with better credit willing to put it in their name and then you could bump the gfx card up to a 2080.


Unfortantly I do not, the only other one I know doesn’t have a regular bank account to have it verified or I would.


I will however as soon as they do up it as long as its enough grab either a 1080 Ti or a 2080! As I know the 2600X should be able to handle it with no issues. TY EVERYONE for your assistance! When it comes in and I get it setup I will deffently be sending pictures of the unboxing and such.


Unboxing isn’t necessary, benchmarks will be fine lol


If they have the same warranty… why not go with the used one for $165 a month and then you get a 1070 as well as saving $10. Still a 6 core processor as well.

Just saying…

Edited to add that you don’t need a Z board unless you are planning on overclocking as well, the B will be fine otherwise.

Also, here are some comparisons between the 2600 and the i5 8400


Will do! With the 470 8gb Gaming X and then once I can upgrade the GPU that as well!


Well, I was shooting for Ryzen… but what you think @gord0 only thing on that one will need later is the liquid cooling and the processor upgraded?


Uncertain, I never trust used shit. I’d go with your first option. You’d be upgrading the gpu anyway.


If from ebay sure, from a 'store" why not especially if this is their warrany.


Give us a call and we will happily assist you in getting warranty repair service – but what if your equipment is no longer under warranty? The great thing about our payment plans is that if something should go wrong with your equipment while you are under an agreement with us, we will make sure it gets fixed for you (we even pay shipping). But please keep in mind that neither warranty or our agreement cover damages to the computer such as spills, or a drop.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not pusing either way but I have bought and will I am sure buy used and refurbished things in the past. So far, so good. I just don’t think they would take it back and not check it over.

Was just trying to show another (cheaper) option that would reduce the need for an upgrade in the forseeable future at 1080p.

Enjoy whatever you get Gorkie, as long as it does what you want and enjoy it, that is what matters most.



Quick Update: I got into the lease agreement and got down to the nitty gritty with it, turns out that $1500 pc you are paying for over time is not $1500 after all your paying nearly $3000 for it instead. I am considering other options before I take the agreement.


Leasing a PC definitely seems dumb. Better off just saving for longer and getting something.


Put the money away that you were going to be using for payments…(DO NOT SPEND IT :stuck_out_tongue: ) and when you have it saved up, buy your system.

Quick math at 1500 divided by 175 makes it like just under 9 months for a new system… can you wait?


Yes, I agree with you on this after seeing the price I was like NO! Im on pcpartpicker right now and going to start buying pieces and putting them in my closet. Ryzen is my top priority on it.


Couldn’t you just get an Amazon credit line, buy your parts, and have no interest payments for 12 months?


Synchrony Bank the people that handle Amazon have been denying me any lines of credit for years because my credit score is about 550 but ill apply and see.