So this is my first finished game in 2020. Well, I finished the campaign in 2019 but that was not enough, I went back did a lot of bonus missions and conquers for achievements, but after 59 hours I can say I finished it.
A very simple yet so fun strategy game. You manage a small number of villagers, workers and warriors to win by slaying the enemy or achieving one of the victory conditions. During your play you will be strike with hunger, attacking wolfes, earthquakes, stealing kobolds etc to make your life a lot harder but these can slow down your opponent as well. As I said a simple strategy game but it is hard to master. Sadly the enemy AI is not smarter on harder difficulty just simply cheating with unlimited resources which is not fun at all so it’s no shame to play on normal. It should be even better with friends…but I have non…to play with these types of games.
Overall really great game, I am glad I picked it up with a previous Humble Montly.


So it’s something like Frostpunk only in different setting. I might try it out. I loved Frostpunk.

It has a viking setting, it the game’s name didn’t give it away :stuck_out_tongue:

@teh_g and @Zmajuga already has the game I guess from Humble Monthly as well.

thanks for the review, I’ve seen this around, and wondered if it would be fun!

Pretty sure I have a key if you want it.

Already have the key. Too lazy too activate it :woman_shrugging:

Looks interesting, might look into it at some point.

I guess maybe I’d play it. It does seem like a game I would play.