NVIDIA RTX 3000 series

Still rocking with my 1070. So PS5 or 3070? What will you choose?


Waiting to see what AMD got under it’s sleeve.

Nvidia’s lineup is impressive, but IMO they don’t go this cheap without a reason. They’re even giving 1-year of Nvidia GeForce Now subscription with free Watchdogs Legion to those who buy 3070, 3080 or 3090 RTX card.

I just doubt that this is some “NVidia good” moment.

3090, ps5, xsex, note20 and surface Duo. There is no “or” for meeee


@Katsuo I liked you better when you were as cheap and humble as some of us here from Mordor aka Eastern Europe :smiley:


I’m thinking I will upgrade my Vega64 around the holidays. I imagine the first wave will sell out quick so I’m in no rush. I like the size of this generational leap a lot. Especially if independent benchmarks really show that 3070 better than the 2080ti. But yeah, I should probably finally buy a new GPU for once. Been living on borrowed time buying used the last few generations…

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I’m in the same boat.

Vega 64 represent. The thing works pretty well still. It is a sweltering inferno of heat though.


Don’t forget Switch you fool of a took!

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Already have it. :comet:

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Eh, I still want the Ps5 and now i want a 3070 or *3060 (*If they come out with one) lol.

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The $699 GeForce RTX 3080 lands on September 17, while the monstrous $1,499 GeForce RTX 3090 is scheduled for release on September 24.

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Go big

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I wonder if we’ll get an rtx3090ti with 47gb so titan owners don’t get mad lol. That’s why 1080ti and 2080ti have 11gb.

Is there something more powerful? I dont feel dem numbers yet

RTX 3090 is the biggest one announced so far…

If only I had that kinda cash and powersupply it would need for my pc lol

I heard that people wanted to pitch in and buy me a 3090 as a joke since I dislike Nvidia. That’d be so mean. Totally don’t do it.


Jay just put one up too. I’m about to watch this one.

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