Persona 4 on Steam

Fuck yessss

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I’ll pass.

Not me. P4 is amazing

I’ll wait for p6.

Good luck waiting 10 more years xD

It took that long to play 5. I’ll need that time for a palette cleanser.

Dont be a sissy. Play P4. It’s only like 70 hours long. That’s 2700 hours less than P5.

Looks jank.

It’s literally old school Persona 5. It’s a really good jrpg. Like…really really reeeeeeeeeeeeally good.

Day by day I’m giving less fucks for old school. They want me to play it, they’ll have to do more than make it compatible with a 16:9 ratio.

It’s a miracle they even brought it to PC. Also, they upped the textures. Looks better than the PS Vita version. Dunno, I’ll play it as I don’t give a damn about framerates, textures and whatnot.

Was just looking at that one and /almost/ reminds me of the graphics except better from FF World.

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I’m so glad you moved this and made a new thread. PERSONANANANANANANANANAN BATMAN

I love new threads BB.

But seriously, if this is basically Persona 5, I want it. P5 was awesome.

I haven’t played Persona 5 (yet) but I’m pretty sure you’ll love Persona 4. The story in P4 is insanely good. 100% worth the purchase.

Stop tempting me. I have too many games already.

96% of the reviews are positive.


I put it on my wishlist to buy some day. Maybe they will take Denuvo out of it…

FFS lol