Playstation 5

So, I will be upgrading to the Playstation 5 in the near future sometime between Nov & Feburary… a friend of mine who has a regular PS4 has been having issues with her Ps4 so I have decided to ensure she can still game and give her my ps4 pro. Anyone else planning to get either the Ps5 or the Xbox Series X when they come out? I been saving up for it little by little to ensure I can finally get a new console not long after it comes out because I normally wait on these things for years because of lack of funds at the time.

ps5. No reason for an xbox beyond the controller and my xbone controller is doing just fine.

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I am hoping like crazy that 4k runs better then the Pro’s… in games like Black Desert, I know the Xbox One S Black Desert runs like total crap in 1080p and 4k.

Given they’re using actual pc hardware this time instead of abandoned mobile hardware, you should be fine. Also, xbone s doesn’t do 4k for anything but watching movies.

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Xbox series X games that matter seem to be released on PC so meh. PS5 for exclusives, but also because for some reason I love Sony consoles.

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Yea its one of the reasons I am not overly hyped on the XBox Series X… maybe someday ill get one but the playstation is where I am way more intrigued, and I love the exclusives.

None. Both are shit. :slight_smile:

Blasphemy! Why I outta! shakes fist

He’s just sad his pre order got cancelled from stock issues

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