Playstation 5

I love a good hacking

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Kicky kick ball. ARPG with coop (Steam reviews for is say the solo stinks supposedly). And a Hades action roguelike clone.

Fuck yeah, FIFA!

…said no one ever

Though I am only on ps4 pro, im working on Platinuming Elden Ring about 90% done on that end.

“Early look” at “some” of the games. A lot of games that have already been in PS+ and a skinnier of a classics offering than I expected. Normal new games at the start of the month will still happen for all tiers. Then mid month, the catalog and streaming tiers will get a ‘varied’ amount of new games. So it’ll expand. I’ll be sticking with my grandfather’d in regular PS+ for the foreseeable.

Yeah I’ll be staying with the Essential plan. I nearly have all the games from the list, hard copy. Was expecting way more.

I mean …ape escape is my jam. I’ll stick with essential though. I have ape escape and a ps one anyway.

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I had PS Now from some sale so I have the giga-chad plan right now.

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A game that is already in the PS5 collection and cartoons.

Those Naruto fighty games can be fun. I’ll give it a spin

Trueeee. The Shippuden games were awesome. I’ll definitely try the Boruto thing, even though I really dislike the anime. Madara tried to end the world just so we don’t have Boruto but yeah, that didn’t happen and now we have trash…I mean, boruto.

Never watched it and Naruto got boring BUT the games are pretty fun

700+ games with the premium thing. Doesn’t sound bad but they need to make the classic library a bit bigger.


Maybe I’ll sign up in 200 years when I beat all the games I have already.


I will subscribe if you give me a 120 euros PSN Card, of course.

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Oh no, Europe gets the PAL classic games…why, Sony?

Stupid Europe.