Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

Pokemon is the next call of duty. Dat cash cowww


I am a little sad they aren’t showing the Pokemon on the world map like they did in Let’s Go. It did cause a lot of performance issues, so it makes sense.

Conveniently Pokemon always comes out right around my birthday. It pleases me.


This is my next game! From what I can tell it’s just more pokemon with a fresh coat of paint. Pretty fun given that at it’s core it’s just another jrpg and I love those in general. I’m playing Sword and because of their toxic monitization, I bought it used physical off ebay. Will post more later!

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Oh yeah I need to play that more. I stopped when I stopped traveling. They made some decent quality of life improvements.

Just beat it! Pretty darn good game! One thing about Nintendo is they know design. The difficulty curve is perfect. I didn’t do any grinding for the sole sake of grinding. I didn’t get wiped out once…with the exception of scripted events where you have no choice because it’s part of the story…which I think only happened once. Recommended!

I was going to look for a grey market code for the expansion pass, but none of the content is released. By the time it does, I’ll have forgotten the story and mechanics, so oh well.

Oh, another cunty thing they did was disable cloud saves. I subed for a month of nintenderp for nothing. : /

So the game is insanely easy as everyone said. Aaaaaalrighttt

Not insanely.

I’ll probably buy if they up the difficulty. I’ve never played a Pokemon game so I don’t want the difficulty ruin the experience.

Who am I kidding? I’m not gonna buy anything switch because I don’t even use the console. I still have to beat Zelda and Astral Chain and I can’t bring myself up to beat the damn games.

It’ll be more difficult for you if you never played a pokemon game. Also those two titles are epic.

I started playing this again years laterrrrr. Are the catch rates crazy low or is it just me? I use like one million great balls on a Pokemon with red health and it laughs at meeeee!!!

Seems like your balls aren’t that great anymore :slightly_smiling_face:

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I barely remember the game.

You gotta use a ball before attacking to increase the likelihood. Then you need to lower it’s health.

Basically, get good.


Use a ball…first?! That’s stupid

You have a higher catch percentage if you use a ball at the start of the encounter.

But why?! Is that new? I’ve never had issues in past ones just getting them to red

It’s always been that way.

Sword and Shield did add an annoying catch rate that is based on the difference in level between your first Pokemon and the enemy Pokemon.

It seems way lower than any other one I’ve played