ShiftySatchmo: Games I Beat in 2022

I guess I’ll keep beating games…

1/10/22 - I beat House of Ashes, yet again, on PC ~ 5 hours

1/24/22 - I beat Back4Blood on PC ~ 12 hours (no idea)

1/31/22 - I beat Madden 22 on PS5 ~ 20 hours

2/6/22 - I beat Pokemon Sword on Nintendo Switch ~ 28 hours

2/22/22 - I beat Resident Evil Village on PC ~ 9 hours

3/17/22 - I beat Orcs Must Die 3 on PC ~ 10 hours

6/17/22 - I beat We Were Here on PC ~ 1.5 hours

7/23/22 - I beat Max: The Curse of Brotherhood on PC ~ 7 hours

7/31/22 - I beat Katamari Demacy REROLL on PC (steam deck) ~ 6 hours

11/10/22 - I beat Strider on PC (steam deck) ~ 4.75 hours

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I beat House of Ashes again. This time with @Eraq . Still a lot of fun. I definitely recommend it.

You insane. Already a finished game in 2022???

I’m just better than you.

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For now :slight_smile:

I beat Back4Blood on PC with gamepass. It was alright. I don’t regret playing it co-op but obviously it was meant to be played with other people.

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I finished a season of Madden 22 so I’m saying that’s beating it. Can you beat a sports game?! It’s Madden. I’ll keep playing it because I have friends who like to play it.


So I beat F1 games 60 times already, good to know :smiley:



my god…

I beat Pokemon Sword today. Fun if you like Pokemon. Basically more of the same but looks nice.

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Stop what

Being better than me in game completion

It’s about time I beat some games

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You’re crushing it this year! I haven’t even started a game yet in 2022.

I just got my 4th badge in Pokemon Red. I’m coming for you.


I just beat the masterpiece that is Resident Evil Village. Shut up and play it already!

I beat Orcs Must Die 3 on PC. It was fun co-op. If you liked the other ones you will like this one. Same idea with some more things and better graphics. Totally worth it! If you didn’t like the other ones, this won’t change your mind. Not worth making a thread for the game.

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Hmm, have you tried playing a game that doesn’t suck?