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@teh_g can you just turn off the bot protection. I’ll be the judge if my sentence is a sentence or not.

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What message are you seeing?

LOL!!! (had to use 5 exclamation points in order to be allowed to post this… it was more of a one exclamation point level of funny)

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And now weirdly it only shows 3 exclamations. Seriously G, why is Skynet controlling everything!?!

The word “effect” was too short so I added an _ and a . Then it got all grammar school on me.

My first ISP was called Skynet. It was eventually purchased by Execulink. Maybe the next Terminator movie will have Execulink as the new enemy.

Is it good marketing or bad marketing to name a tech company after a killer machine company?

I actually hope that the person who named it was oblivious and didn’t see terminator before they named it. lol

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Yeah, the incomplete sentence error pisses me off.

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I refuse to disable it then.

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There are two options that are happening here:

(The highlight indicates I already changed it from the default, which is 20.

I’m ok with changing it, but it is basically just for meme-ing.

H do ao itne…doeks

Can you make it 1 so it’s not even a conversation?

Make it 0. Sometimes I wish to post nothing.


2 would allow for yes no and lol and and XD

Sometimes I just want to post “?” Or “!”


There are two things you can do to make people angry.
The first is to have an abrupt, unceremonious ending to a sentence with no closure and the second is


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