Ps4 Question

Anyone have the original brick Ps4 that has changed out their hard drive in it and replaced it with an SSD? is it possible? or do I need to get a SSHD for it 3.5" one when I get my ps4?

Never tried to change out a drive.

Order people, order :smiley:

(Couldn’t resist)

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Already did this seem to only find info on Pro & Slim.

You get 0 performance boost from the ssd or any other drive. If that’s why you are changing it.

Load time.

Its the Load times that go down.

If you don’t have the PS4 Pro it’s a waste of money. And even with the PS4 Pro the loading times won’t change that much … yeah depending on the game it can be around 30% faster. But if you have to wait 1 minute or 1 minute 30 seconds … with the SSD you might not finish your coffee before you can continue so it’s more a negative effect :laughing:
If you have a SSD / SSHD lying around you can use it else I wouldn’t invest into it.

So, spending 100 bucks on a SSD to load 10 seconds faster…

Soooo not worth it

Sooooo not worth it but i still have a 240 GB ssd in my pc just for games because i am inpatient and the new open world games load not 10 second faster but 10 times faster.

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PC is a whole another story. I’m running my PC with a 2x m.2 and 3x SSDs. It doesn’t even load things. Can’t even read the tips and that’s why I suck at games now.


I noticed that too once I went nvme. Lol

On some games anyway.

I can’t read the mission briefings in DMC 5 fast enough :laughing:

I have to say NVME kicks ass got a 512 Sabrent Rocket NVME in mine for OS / Games.

Just watched the vid. If you already have a spare ssd, go for it. Some games have 30seconds faster load. Not worth spending money though.

Alright, just will upgrade to a 2tb SSHD for more space then I guess.

Why are you going for the vanilla ps4, though? Slim has HDR support, controller is better and overall a better ps4 than the vanilla ps4.

I am going with a Slim if a sale doesnt come out on the pro you all already changed my mind on the original brick :wink: