Quantum Break launches on Steam next month

Is it a good game? I don’t even know what genre that game is lol


All I’ve heard is mostly dissapointment about it :confused:

LetsGetIt1220 I’ve heard there are only performance issues but the game is decent. Maybe PeaceLeon could tell us if the game is actually good. He bought it before the devs even announced that they are making the game hahah

So much for that Windows 10 exclusive.

ButtStallion said in Quantum Break launches on Steam next month:

So much for that Windows 10 exclusive.

Microsoft did say they would still release some games on Steam because Steam is such a beast. They would be foolish not to because…money.

ButtStallion Ummm it’s still Windows 10 exclusive. The game won’t be playable on DX11 and lower.

Katsuo The Steam version supports Win7 and Dx11 as well, no need for Win10 and Dx12 anymore.

ButtStallion Steam is a client. It has nothing to do with the game itself. Game runs only on DX12 no matter what Steam supports.

"Quantum Break is now listed on Steam, as are the system requirements. They’re identical to those of the original release (although there’s no “Ultra” spec), but for two significant changes: The minimum OS requirement is now Windows 7 (64-bit) and DirectX 11. "

"Remedy confirmed on Twitter that this version will run on Windows 7 (64-bit) and up, meaning that DirectX 12 is no longer mandatory. "

ButtStallion Plus it’s a way how Microsoft will attract more customers to get Windows 10.

ButtStallion And I read that the game will run only on DX12 XDD
So much for legit information XD

Katsuo https://twitter.com/remedygames/status/763398340667113472

ButtStallion Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay already, you won XD
I won’t buy the game anyway.

Katsuo Finally :smiley: Neither do I :smiley:

ButtStallion that’s not because of steam though.

Katsuo Game is great but performance really sucked at the start of the game. Wasn’t really playable with my system. But the last updates fixed that at least for me. I like the system how the game works, you play an episode and after you finished it you will see the next episode of the mini tv-serie which is integrated into the game. And after that the game will continue. You can hate it or love it :wink:

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PeaceLeon So you played the game and beat it? That’s surprising tbh XD

Katsuo I still have to finish it … just started the last? episode ‘The Lifeboat Protocol’ the last time I played. But won’t continue for the next days since I play it together with a friend and he won’t be able to join me in the next days so we could continue it.

PeaceLeon So that thing has co-op? Nice! Buy me the game so we can play together. I’m the better friend <3 jk i’m not

Katsuo No … it has no co-op but I play many games together with a good friend. Or better I’m playing and he just watch it and tell me where to go xD