Resident Evil 2 - Remake

Holy shit has it been a long time since I looked at pc graphics! This is my next game! Running at some weird resolution above 1440p but below 2160p at max settings with always >60fps.

It’s too early to say much, but will post more later.


There’s nothing more to say. The game is insanely good. I played it at 1080p144. Pornhub is less hardcore than that.


Yeah this one was a beauty. The surround sound is impressive too… wait until you hear Tyrant’s footsteps lurking around you

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4k around 80 fps on ultra mmmm. It’s good. I’ll beat it someday…

What are the differences between choosing one character or the other?

Second campaign. Similar campaign to Leon’s (if you started as Leon), different weapons, different ways to end the campaign and different ending. Makes the storyline more complete. Just play both. You can finish the entire game in like 15 hours.

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And am I assuming correctly that a red check mark on a key means I’ve used it in all the places it can be used?


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Yup discard any items like that for good

Are you certain the other character’s campaign is different enough to warrant a second playthrough? I was on the steam forums last night looking for something else but found a thread saying they’re barely different.

I finished the game and if you want to see what happened with Claire and Leon in the end, then I recommend playing Claire campaign. It’s different.

Playing Claire first.


I figured if I had to stare at the same ass for x hours, it might as well be a nice one…though I also figured it was just a #snowflakegeneration thing where both campaigns were the same but you had a gender choice…

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Ah the thirst

Just beat it! Excellent and recommended. I’ve done some reading and don’t see any reason for me to play again as the other char…beyond if I lost all my money and couldn’t afford a new game to play. 90% is the same and 10% new content isn’t worth the struggle.


It is worth. But well, up to you.

He get’s on the train at the end.

I’d say the main benefit of playing as Leon is it makes part 4 make more sense.

And the Ada love storyyyy