Resident Evil 7


I think the story is one of the best ones


It has a great story. I’ve told you to play it a million times and you ignore me!


You never told me anything about the story…


Play it sissy pants!


It’s not just that the story is great, but the storytelling as well. You play as multiple characters and it fills in different pieces of the story as well as giving you a look at things you need to do next. Without spoiling that’s all I’ll say…sissy pantssss


Sighhh… I bought it.


On sale I hope


I got it for 10e. Amazon ist günstig :ok_hand:


Did you play this yet @Katsuo?




I know you dislike scary games, but this one was very well done.


It’s not that I dislike them. It’s just I cant stand the jump scares. And also I think I forgot to buy the game when it was on sale. I think I’m dumb. Yeah…think.


At least you have the hardware for it now.


This one has a good blend of both. Solid atmosphere makes it creepy all the time, with some jump scares thrown in


He’s going to play RE2 first, but that doesn’t have any jump scares. That. Doesn’t. Have. Any. Jump. Scares.


Plus after a few game sessions, you become immune to the scariness.


Until the creepy room sequence up to and after the part with the doll house. That was the only part that made me like nooooo


I pretty well became fully imune. Ran into dark places with deadly things with no fear.


I can’t decide if I like when that happens or not. Know what I mean? Being scared is part of the fun. Though I guess by the end they know you aren’t scared and give you a million grenade launcher rounds :laughing:


I’ll play all the Neptunia games so I fill my soul with joy and positivity before playing anything Resident Evil.