Resident Evil 7


So this is my next game. Pretty fun so far. It’s not really scary, at least not as scary as Katsuo thinks it is. Out of the box it runs at a smooth 1440p60 at max settings in crossfire mode. I’m not sure if it was buggy at launch, but it’s butter smooth now. Only exception is for whatever reason they’re not using a separate thread for the auto save. So you get a slight stutter every time it does that.

I’ll post more later. If I end up really liking it a lot, I may get some of the DLC too.


Nice! I’m about an hour in myself


Terrible game


So I just beat the main game and it’s quite a nice game indeed! So naturally I want to play the DLC.

I just got a really weird deal though. The season pass is 39.99 CAD, the gold edition of the game is 67.18 CAD. It includes the season pass and therefor all the DLC. However, since I already own the base game, it discounts it down to 33.59 CAD (less than season pass). So there is literally zero point in them having the season pass as a standalone purchase other than being a scam. In hind sight, I should have just bought gold, but then again I didn’t know if I was going to like it enough to get any of the dlc.

Anyway, I generally don’t like horror games. Not because I’m a fraidy cat, but because 99% of them are just shity games. This one is a good one. I recommend it!


gord0 Heard the dlcs are even better than the main game


katsuo said in Resident Evil 7:

gord0 Heard the dlcs are even better than the main game

ANNNND, they’re all story. No cosmestic packs or any of that bullshit. Also includes the sound track that I’ll never download lol.


gord0 I’m excited to beat it in a year or two :laughing:


The “Banned Scenes” vol 1 has the best black jack game ever!!!


First round you lose fingers, second round electro shock, third round the dead player is used like a puppet to play the still living player. Loser of that round gets their face shredded.

(this vid is from one of the consoles)


gord0 SSSSSSSSssssssssspoilers


katsuo said in Resident Evil 7:

gord0 SSSSSSSSssssssssspoilers

Not really. It’s a dlc mini game.


Just beat “Not a Hero”. This game just keeps on giving! One more DLC to go, “End of Zoe”.


“End of Zoe” is even better! Picture strong fucking dude fist fighting the monsters, throwing spears, waist deep water, crocodiles, night time! Also closure on Zoe lol

Well that’s it. Unless they release more dlc while the controls and story are fresh in my mind, I won’t be returning.

I recommend this game and it’s dlc more than previously established! : ]


gord0 good to know. I’ll definitely at least do the not a hero one since it’s free


shiftysatchmo said in Resident Evil 7:

gord0 good to know. I’ll definitely at least do the not a hero one since it’s free

If you decide to buy the dlc, double check if upgrading to gold is cheaper than season pass.


Wow - it is so good it is keeping me from playing Cowboy Simulator 2 which I waited years for. Must beat this game. Solid bounce back from 6. A nice early bday gift from el Sachmo


Is it better than re4?


Depends what you’re looking for. Cheesey one liners? Re4. Spooky scary? Re7. Both take the cake in their respective areas. If Re4’s advantage is it came out first, so nostalgia etc. 7 is the best since 4 for sure and just very unique for fps game


I meant the story. Re4 had a cool story. I tried the re7 demo on steam. I couldn’t get out of the room because it’s damn scary.


After a few hours you’re immune to the scariness. I played it to the end plus some of the dlc.