Breathing is a leading cause of living.


It’s still solid CPU my fx 6300 might be outdated but still is really nice for most of the games i play


Yea, wish the fx 8320 wasnt so hot… lol




image my next case very soon.


Ordered the MSI Optix 27" 144Hz Curved monitor. I’m exciteddddddd :star_struck:
Didn’t know buying stuff can be so addicting. Someone has to stop this.


Buy more things, but for me instead.


I wait for the proof that it comes with G-Sync :slight_smile:


2 - 3 days and I’ll let you know. :wink:


Have you picked a video card yet?


Yeah. MSI rtx 2080 gaming trio x. I believe thats the full name.


you’re going to love joining the world of high refresh + gsync : ]


Definitely haha. I’ll be mad when a game drops below 144fps xD


Actually you’ll want it to stay below 144 or you’ll have to turn on vsync to prevent tearing… My monitor came at 144hz and I was able to turn on a built in overclock to make it 165hz. Does yours have something like that?


I don’t think so but it has adaptive sync. That should prevent tearing. Should!


I wouldn’t worry too much. You’ll probably not be getting fps that high with max settings in modern games.


Yeah, I would probably get more than that since I turn off trash like motion blur or the volumetric lightning crap that makes the game look like gigantic pile of…crap. as long as its above 100, I’ll be fine.


With gsync you can go as low as 40fps before you see a problem.


30 fps locked is the best experience. Everyone knows it. Nvidia marketing tricking you into spending more money smh


I agree. Me playing destiny 2 with 25 fps HDR on. Absolutely mindblowing experience. Playstation is truly the best place to play.