Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Lara :smiling_face_with_heart-eyes:

Gonna preorder it 700 times

Katsuo :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

I would be pissed as well

Meh. Zero fucks. All they had to do was return and rebuy.

What a bunch of wankers and sissies gamers are nowadays

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And…it’s now my new game. Fairly ok so far. Mechanics seem fine, story isn’t that great. A diet soda version of uncharted…except it has better graphics and uncapped fps. I’m currently running it at max settings at 1577p (DSR 1440p) (wierd I know, but it’s a 16:9 ratio). The framerate is all over the place but the lowest it gets is the low 50s. Usually 70-80. Sometimes over 100. Thank god for gsync.

Will post more later.


The game is like a female version of uncharted 4. Storytelling is literally the same.

Lost Legacy is the female version of Uncharted 4 :wink:

That also had a better story than this game.

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Uncharted story telling is hard to beat. I wasn’t a huge fan of the rise of the tomb raider story either. First one was decent.

Anyone use an xbone controller on pc wirelessly? Anyone know how to change the delay for it turning off? Right now if it turns off I have to alt tab to remove and re-pair because windows is shit. Alt tabing when using gsync makes gsync shit the bed and everything goes stuttery causing one to have to close and reopen the game.

This game get’s an automatic 0. I just got to a part in which I could not progress without going ALL THE FUCKING WAY BACK TO TOWN and starting a side quest but I had no way to go back. Death in either direction. Used a trainer that had float mode to move forward.

This game is trash. I’m done. It’s blatantly obvious this is abandonedware. If there’s some way I can share with one of the other people who wanted to win it, I’ll do it. It’s the worst kind of fail too, too late for a return if I had paid for it.

Did you not get the fast travel point in the town?

You can also load a different save file. The game autosaves every minute or so.

None were reachable.

None were helpful.

Did you look at forums to see if anyone else had this issue? First I’ve heard of it.

One guy was able to get to a campfire somehow. Everyone else gave up. I used a trainer to just float to where I needed to be. Then about an hour later a puzzle refused to solve so I threw in the towel.
Playing Dad of Boy now. If anyone of the people who entered the giveaway still want to play it, I could add them to that family sharing thing. I’m not going to be playing any steam games until I beat God of War anyway.