ShiftySatchmo - 2018 Gamer Challenge


(I’ll move this one to reviews eventually) 1/10/18: Finished Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Switch.

I played it about 98% of the time in handheld mode and it took me about 30-40 hours, but there was a TON I did not do or explore. I’ll play it again someday, definitely.

At first, it was a bit jarring because it is pretty different from your standard Zelda, but after a few hours I really took a liking to it. Maybe it being different was a good thing because full disclosure: I beat Windwaker because I loved it for some reason, but I quit partway through every single Zelda game I’ve ever played besides that one and this one because I just could never get into it. Yes, even Ocarina. Not sure why. They seem fun enough.

Anyway, this one has great combat, tons to see and do, clever puzzles, epic boss fights, and a well done soundtrack. The final area and boss fight in particular were very satisfying. Also, take the time to find the master sword because it is just a cool part of the game.

I’d give it a 10/10. If you have a Wii U or a Switch, you need to play it.

Oh yeah, I ran into 0 bugs or glitches or anything like that. The game was perfect, which is always impressive in open world games.

1/13/18: Trying out the suggestion gord0 made. I beat Call of Duty WWII on PS4.

Check out my impressions here, if you’d like:

1/15/18: I beat Dark Souls 3 on PC (second time).
Not much to say, so I won’t write a review. I had to play all over again because I lost my save and wanted to play the DLC. At least I got another ending.

1/20/18: I beat Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel DLC on PC.
No need for a review. It’s a solid, but very short (3 hours), continuation of DS3. If you liked the game a lot, get this one. If not, don’t.

1/30/18: I beat Alien Breed 3: Descent Co-op on PC.
No need for a review. It was entertaining enough and short (3 hours). For under $2 I can’t really complain. 5/10 on our scale. “Solid all around. Provides some good entertainment, but nothing terribly memorable. A solid, “meh”.”

3/17/18: I beat Shadow of the Colossus on PS4.
10/10 One of my favorite games of all time made even better.

4/2/18: I beat Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle on Switch
8/10 Solid and funny turn based strategy game. Worth getting if you own a Switch. I hope Nintendo allows more third parties to use their IPs.

4/15/18: I beat Oxenfree on Switch
6/10 on our scale. The story was fairly creepy and interesting so I’m saying it is above average, but the gameplay itself wasn’t anything special. You just pick dialogue and such. Not bad for $5. Has some replay value if you want to make different choices to see what happens. Maybe I will someday.

5/8/18: I beat Far Cry 5 on PC
7/10 on our scale. I beat it with sYnCroSis We loved it until the end. The end was such garbage. Also, the bosses were all lame. Luckily, the majority of the game was fun so meh, worth playing.

5/27/18: I beat God of War (2018) on PS4 on hard (not ultra hard) mode
10/10 on our scale. Definitely one of the best games I’ve ever played.

6/14/18: I beat Celeste on Switch
10/10 on our scale as far as platformers go. It was very good!

6/26/18: I beat Scanner Sombre VR on PC
As far as VR games go, I’d say 6/10 on our scale. It was slightly above average because of the mechanics. Not bad for being a game I got in a Humble Bundle long ago and completely ignored until I got VR.

6/30/18: I beat Arizona Sunshine VR on PC
Most polished VR I’ve experienced so far. 9/10 for VR. I could see myself playing it again, easily.

7/8/18: I beat Super Mario Odyssey on Switch
Honestly I thought I’d like it more than I did based on the hype. It was definitely a good platformer, but I can’t see myself wanting to play it again or try to do everything. 8/10 on our scale. It was great, but not a favorite of mine.

7/27/18: I beat Resident Evil 7 on PC
At first I was like, this is pretty good, but it didn’t feel like Resident Evil. Not too far in it felt like one of the best Resident Evil games! Great gameplay once you get weapons and such. It’s satisfying to be able to kill things in a first person survival horror instead of hiding constantly, which is the trend lately. Surprisingly solid story for a Resident Evil game. One of the better ones of the series. 9/10 on our scale. It was one of the best RE games. The only thing holding it back from a perfect 10 for me was the lack of enemy variety. Besides bosses, you are mostly fighting the same things the entire time. Also, the final boss was cool looking but short and insanely easy.

8/6/18: I beat Octodad: Dadliest Catch on PC
It was short, weird, but kind of funny. 4/10 — Not bad, but definitely wouldn’t be my first choice.

8/8/18: I beat Superhot on PC
Superhot is the most innovative shooter I’ve played in years! But seriously, 7 — Great, noticeably above average.

8/8/18: I beat What Remains of Edith Finch on PC
Well…that was dark. 8 — Excellent and exceptional as far as walking sims go. A collection of stories told in different ways.

8/16/18: I beat battle chef brigade on switch
Too lazy to talk about it. 6/10.

11/20/18: I beat Destiny 2 on PC
It was alright. Pretty easy/casual. 6/10

I can’t stand any mode but pro controller on switch. Tried mario odyssey in handheld during my vaca… In my opinion all control modes but pro controller are jank.

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gord0 I traveled a bunch at the end of last year, but I brought my pro controller and used it with the switch in kickstand mode on airplanes and in hotels. I agree the pro is a lot better. The controllers attached to the switch are OK in a pinch, but not my first choice. The grip that comes with the switch is the worst haha.

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I personally don’t like the game. Mainly because I don’t have the game.


shiftysatchmo said in ShiftySatchmo - January Gamer Challenge:

gord0 I traveled a bunch at the end of last year, but I brought my pro controller and used it with the switch in kickstand mode on airplanes and in hotels. I agree the pro is a lot better. The controllers attached to the switch are OK in a pinch, but not my first choice. The grip that comes with the switch is the worst haha.

The grip doesn’t solve the problem, just changes how far apart your hands are by a couple inches. The orientation of the buttons/sticks is shit either way. I’d like to think the “pro” doesn’t stand for “professional”, but rather, “proper”.

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Did a bit of cleanup. Per the suggestion of teh_g I moved my completed games list to the main topic post and we can jibba-jabba down here in the muck. Anyway, Katsuo you should play the DS3 DLC; it is very good so far.

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shiftysatchmo which dlc?

katsuo ashes

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shiftysatchmo Too expensive for the 3+ hours of gameplay

katsuo get the season pass duhhh

shiftysatchmo Meh…I have other games to finish so DS3 is at the deeeepest bottom of the list.

katsuo you were saying? :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_closed_eyes:

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shiftysatchmo :zipper-mouth_face:

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Finished the first DS3 DLC. Accidentally started the ringed city one, which is already better than ashes (though I liked ashes).

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shiftysatchmo “accidentally”

katsuo Just like the time I accidentally punched teh_g in the face, kicked his gold fish, and set his house on fire


syncrosis LOL

syncrosis I mean, oh no! Poor teh_g

katsuo haha there is a bonfire right after the last ashes boss that sends you into the ringed city. I was confused and thought maybe ashes wasn’t done.

Reminds me of the time I started a game of Civ VI right after playing a game of Civ VI. I didn’t know what the “new game” button did.

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