ShiftySatchmo - 2018 Gamer Challenge


Beat Alien Breed 3 co-op style with nanderman


Beat Shadow of the Colossus on PS4. Bluepoint Games made one of the best games of all time even more amazing. I love them now. This was not some meh upgrade, it was a full graphical rebuild of amazingness. I’ll post screenshots later. Play this game! It is insanely short but has a hard mode and time attack and such. I’ll replay it I am certain. There is still no other game that is like this one.


shiftysatchmo except Boom Boom Rocket…


Finished Mario + Rabbids. I would have given 9/10 if it had a hard mode or NG+ but as it is I don’t see much replay value, which is a bummer because I usually like playing these kinds of games a few times. At least it was over 20 hours. Next Switch game will be Oxenfree as a palate cleanser, and then Mario Odyssey!


I beat Oxenfree on Switch
6/10 on our scale. The story was fairly creepy and interesting so I’m saying it is above average, but the gameplay itself wasn’t anything special. You just pick dialogue and such. Not bad for $5. Has some replay value if you want to make different choices to see what happens. Maybe I will someday.

Oh, some serious cons. Not sure if it’s the case with all versions, but my goodness, so many loading screens and they all took forever. How does a game like this have more frequent and longer loading times than Zelda?! Madness. Also, there is a fair amount of backtracking. Luckily, the game is short at just shy of five hours. I guess they want you to do NG+ for some extra goodies I read about after I beat it.


5/8/18: I beat Far Cry 5 on PC
7/10 on our scale. I beat it with sYnCroSis We loved it until the end. The end was such garbage. Also, the bosses were all lame. Luckily, the majority of the game was fun so meh, worth playing.


shiftysatchmo If you played it solo, the game would be more fun and you would give a better score. Hihihiihihuh


katsuo mean


katsuo nah, all the fun was from “accidentally” blowing each other up


syncrosis Just kidding. Love you :kissing_heart:


katsuo I sky dived out of a helicopter and hit my parachute button and as I went to land on top of a large truck, Andrew blew it up with rockets and I died. The best part was I wasn’t in his screen and the timing lined up… so I was told…


syncrosis that’s my story and I’m sticking to it


Speaking of story, all 3 endings to that game sucked


Hi Shifty, I’ve sent a friend request on Steam. Same name : LarryDarren


I will accept such a request :grinning:


Accept me too, Shifty!


Denied!!! :kissing_closed_eyes:


Who are you?



Hoooo boy was the new God of War good. I beat the game but there is end game stuff that I’ll probably chip away at a little. The game has a ton of content.