ShiftySatchmo - 2018 Gamer Challenge


I beat Celeste on Switch. It was an amazing platformer. One of the best I’ve ever played. Each chapter had a new mechanic to master and the end made you use everything you learned. There is a ton to do so I might chip away over time. Also, a surprisingly good story for a game like this. Basically a metaphor about climbing a mountain to face your inner struggles. Solid soundtrack too! My only beef was the voices were that “mememama” crap like animal crossing, but they weren’t toooo annoying I guess.



New steam name


Oh yeah, I died 1260 times and beat it in 6 hours and 15 minutes.


Beat Scanner Sombre VR. 6/10 (a bit above average) as far as VR games go, but if it weren’t VR I’d say more like 4/10 (not bad but not my first choice). Scanning to be able to see where to go was cool and reminded me of the Unfinished Swan a bit. The story was complete silliness. The game goes from interesting explorer stuff to weird stuff to chill stuff to confusing stuff. It is amazing how a game that would not be very scary becomes very unnerving in VR. Not bad for being a game I got in a Humble Bundle long ago and completely ignored until I got VR.

TLDR: Play this game for the cool 3D map you can hold and spin in front of your face like some magic sci-fi tech. I did that for like 15 minutes of the just shy of two hours I played.


Predator: The Walking Simulator


I beat Arziona Sunshine VR with @sYnCroSis. Co-op VR is best VR.


I beat Super Mario Odyssey. It was a great platformer, technically, but I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would based on the hype. I kind of blew through it and don’t have any interest in the extras or in replaying it. I got a tad bored with the idea. It’s worth playing though!


Same. Was happy to trade in after beating


I beat Resident Evil 7 on PC!

At first I was like, this is pretty good, but it didn’t feel like Resident Evil. Not too far in it felt like one of the best Resident Evil games! Great gameplay once you get weapons and such. It’s satisfying to be able to kill things in a first person survival horror instead of hiding constantly, which is the trend lately. Surprisingly solid story for a Resident Evil game. One of the better ones of the series. 9/10 on our scale. It was one of the best RE games. The only thing holding it back from a perfect 10 for me was the lack of enemy variety. Besides bosses, you are mostly fighting the same things the entire time. Also, the final boss was cool looking but short and insanely easy.

Thanks @Katsuo for getting this for me long ago. I finally beat it haha.


Can’t wait for year 2023 when you beat Edith Finch or FF7


Or Sleeping Dogs


What’s that game?


8/6/18: I beat Octodad: Dadliest Catch on PC
It was short, weird, but kind of funny. 4/10 — Not bad, but definitely wouldn’t be my first choice. It’s based on having frustrating controls and wacky physics to make simple things difficult and funny. It worked. If it were any longer I would not recommend it, but as it is, I’d say if you own it you might as well play it. Took me 2 hours. Thanks, @Katsuo for the weird game!


Why are you thanking me for that trash game sighhhhhhhhhhhh


I beat Superhot. Thanks @ButtStallion for getting it for me over a year agooooo.

Superhot is the most innovative shooter I’ve played in years! :wink: But seriously, 7 — Great, noticeably above average. It’s an FPS puzzle game. Took 90 minutes to beat. Pretty original. I’d recommend it if you can get it for cheap.


Now you’re one of us. :smiley:


One of us.


I would never be one of us






I beat What Remains of Edith Finch! Well…that was dark. 8 — Excellent and exceptional as far as walking sims go. A collection of stories about how people from a family died or disappeared told in different ways. Kind of reminded me of a series of unfortunate events meets dear esther in a way. Thanks for another weird game @Katsuo I guess you can only get me weird games.