ShiftySatchmo's Giveaway Libraryyyy


well you are the one who taught me how to leech all the great games from friends. thanks to you <3


May i have Tomb raider and Lord of the fallen thank you … Hope your happy this is my revenge for you know what :rofl:


Huh? I didn’t asked for games from start.
I only introduced to these guys, you were born talented in that skill🤣.


You may!


Thanks papito I’ll play both of them tomorrow :heart_eyes:


I played a bit of Lords and tbh it’s really bad but I’m gonna attempt to complete it




Dont waste your time


Too late


And still hardly no one taking your games… damn man, feels bad…


Feel free to take one off my hands lol


I would but with how many mmos im playing right now I dont have time for much. Between FFXIV, Black Desert Online and dabbling with SWTOR again.


Alright I change my mind. I’ll take Lords of the Fallen now.


Ah, man, too late. It was scooped up


Haha yeah I saw that. Thought I’d play a little prank and ask for it now. :smiling_imp:


Now you must take another game


Now you owe me a game just because your a very nice and beautiful Canadian soul


Well you guys why make me the middle man.


best post ever


Added Shadow of the Tomb Raider