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I really thought I’d get someone to take a game this time haha


Added Darksiders 2


Lords of the Fallen was zzzzzzz for the 1 hour I played it. Nothing about it made it anything but a mediocre Dark Souls wannabe


Kind of like how Dark Souls is a mediocre Demons Souls wannabe


Lords of the Fallen is a mediocre Dark Souls and Bloodborne is a mediocre Lords of the Fallen so it’s come full circle.


Shut your trash mouth. Bloodborne is the best souls game


Use your Canadian abilities and apologize asap. Bloodborne is the best souls game.


Sekiro is the best souls game. Calling it now.

I’m sorry your opinion sucks.


Where the hell is the dislike button


guys look @erased trying to convince me to get Yakuza 0 hell even she later tried to convince me with the bathing scenes xD she is such a biss


Yeah guys taking baths and shirtless gangsters, every guy’s dream :rofl:


I bought bloodborne goty for like $15 now saving money to buy ps4 xd I’m on a really big souls fever


It’s great. Probably my 2nd favourite from software game next to the original dark souls. Honestly its probably better than the first dark souls. It’s just the original dark souls holds such a big place in my heart for being the first souls game I ever played.


Demon Souls trumps all. I’m the only one who has beaten it so I understand the rest of you not liking it, especially @Katsuo who lies about beating it


@DANTE shut up and take Yakuza before I give it to @Dante5


wait Dante5 still there? lol


He lives on in our hearts




Wow, @DANTE you sneaky dawg, you know how to use others to get the game.
And people thats “getting the game tricks”.


Yakuza has been sent to @DANTE