Some sad updates...

Sadly my brother Milisav won’t be able to come here that much… due to him not having a computer… His phones doesn’t work properly with the site. I am really sad by this but I am writing here letting you guys know that you can contact him on steam or facebook, if you need something. Or let me know and ill send him a message.

ArsonSami what happened to his computer?!

ShiftySatchmo Returned it to Erwin. I sent him a message and if i earn enough money I want to buy it off from him and let Milisav keep it.

ArsonSami hmmm ok. I feel like when someone gives you something you get to keep it.

ShiftySatchmo Well, I think John was spying and then licking butts and reporting what was going on here… So that was the reason why.

That really sucks that he felt he had to do that… really wish I had the spare cash I would just send it to Erwin and make Milisav keep it.

ArsonSami whatever maybe he will leave us alone now that everyone is giving him stuff haha

ShiftySatchmo Think we should do another fund raiser to help him keep his pc?


Only0neKnight I’ve heard that Milisav was asked to return the pc… I am speechless…

I thought that Erwin gave it to him?
And now he wants it back? wtf…
That’s like giving some one a birthday present and the next day you ask it back… :confused:

Adnan_Popara Wtf seriously? Erwin had that kind of gull?

Only0neKnight Well I understand why but still it is someone else to blame not Erwin. Someone flamed Erwin with taking posts from here and reporting what was going on.

Wtf i have no damn comment on this … I’m speechless …

Well i don’t understand why.
It was a present for milisav right? Then he has no right in asking it back?
Or was Erwin pressurized into asking it back?

ArsonSami That’s just it, nothing going on but friends staying friends, its just complete and utter bullshit.

This is truly fucked. Does he have any computer at all that could be upgraded? I have an R9 290x he can have.


Jeroenvh Someone made a screenshot of Milisav writing something about Erwin so that is why… and I am 100% sure it was John the ass licker.

gord0 I wish I did, but I gave all my spare parts away after my upgrades.

I have some RAM around 8 GB and I’m more than willing to give that … for start … will see what else I have …

gord0 Honestly I am poor as fuck … but ill gladly take 1 stick out of 8 gbs of ram i have in my PC and give him 4 gb of ram which i have in and give him and i might be able to take one HDD