Star Wars Battlefront II

Whaaaaat? No season pass? EA is drunk. But I bet microtransaction will remain :smiley:

ButtStallion don’t worry, BF1 has also no season pass but premium. Will be the same here xD
Same shit new name

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Not that a care, but how hard would it really be to have offline local co-op for PC? Plenty of people have PCs connected to TVs these days.

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PeaceLeon it’ll be like Gears of War I bet. Maps are free but you can pay to get the maps a month early. And lots of cosmetic dlc. And it’s EA so lots of XP boosts and shortcuts to purchase.

EA is a great company


Not getting my hopes up. No hype deserved for providing what should never have been missing from the previous full priced game.

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ButtStallion blah blah EA will keep their interference to a minimum, blah blah blah. Hype is hype. EA & Disney will bleed this one for everything.

Expect a new level of microtransactions:
Unless you are on Premium package you have a 5%chance of spawning as JarJar Binks.
Pay extra to play as Darth Vader, without it to will be stuck as Anakin complaining about sand.

But if they introduce a battle like in Rogue One where the Rebels have limited ground forces & their space forces need to disable the shield in a space battle before the ground forces are wiped out… I want to see some innovation as opposed to another Battlefield in space.

I’m Mr Grumpy​ today :slight_smile:

My number 1 wish to my birthday, just saying :stuck_out_tongue:

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I need a lot of money this autumn :smiley: This looks like a proper Battlefront not like the first one. Now I only miss singleplayer galactic conquest.

buttstallion Well, the first one wasn’t that bad. It just lacked content. But the second one will definitely be sick! I hope it’s gonna be on Origin Access 2 months after launch xD

HA! Who needs the new one when you can play the classic!


Almost free beta codes:

buttstallion LOL

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New SP campaign trailer!!44!4!!

katsuo said in Star Wars Battlefront II:

That sucks… Star Wars has such a rich story universe. I bet they spent all their time on microtransactions in multiplayer.

teh_g And the why is posted on the loot box topic. Until people will spend money on mp and cards and boxes why make an expensive singleplayer most people dont even replay?

COGconnected – 86/100
Darkstation – 4/5
Gamesradar + – 4/5
Gamespace – 8/10
The Telegraph – 6/10
The Sixth Axis – 8/10
US Gamer – 3.5/5
Shacknews – 6/10
Press Start – 8/10
Player.One – 6/10
Gaming Trend – 80/100
Eurogamer – no score (“…as maddening, uneven and spectacular as the Star Wars films themselves.”)
Provisional/in-progress reviews

IGN – 7.0/10
Gamespot – 6/10
Stevivor – 6.5/10
Venture Beat – unscored (“Star Wars veterans may feel like they’ve played this kind of game already.”)
Windows Central – unscored (“It’s still hard to recommend Battlefront II without knowing more about what EA plans to do down the road.”)

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katsuo maybe EA is trying to sell more access subscriptions