Starfield: Official Gameplay Reveal

Looks like Fallout to me. I mean the engine & graphics and animations feel kinda outdated, Fallout 4 in new clothes.

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The need to fuck off with fheir in house engine and use one of the actual engines. Their sub studios have them for fuck’s sake!

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The comments are, for some reason, praising the looks of the game. Is everyone there blind or bots?

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@gord0 is on point. I call it Cremation Engine 2.

Judging by the majority of comments they’ll sell a shit ton of pre-orders…and then (I hope I’m wrong) they’ll fuck it up badly.

It always happens when crazy Todd is praising the game as mega, giga, ultra, one of the kind game.

Sooo meh. After Fallout 4, I am sure I will wait for release and a cracked copy before even thinking about buying it.
I will always compare it to The outer worlds and i think it is fair…and i would be surprised if this beats it. Surprise me.

The solution is so fucking simple, I don’t see why they don’t do it. Transfer all devs to the sub studios (Avalanche, id, etc). Have those devs adopt the workflow of those studios. Have them completely forget the work flow at Bethesda Softworks. Shut down Bethesda Softworks. Shut up and publish. Only publish. Games could still flop, but it won’t have anything to do with technical issues.

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Let me share something with you guys. From my perspective based on my country. Us in this forum almost everyone is 30+ I think I am the youngest one here: 3 so anyway gamers who are from 90’s or before that we played all the classic games out there. We are the generation experienced gaming evolution properly. So whenever something evolutionary was happening we were getting fucking crazy. Example: in IGI I needed to hack computer to disable cameras. For me at that age it was so fucking incredible. cause to me it was a evolutionary thing to do. Cause games i have played before that i couldnt do those things. But now imagine kids from our next gen. they didn’t play any of those classic games. They don’t know the evolution of gaming. Their gaming life started with games like Call of duty Advance warefare or ghost or maybe Assassins creed syndicate or maybe with farcry 5 or how about fallout 76? So when they play those games obviously they gonna love it cause they don’t know what it feels like to play a good game. Whatever they are getting they are playing. Also I think these kids care about graphics more than gameplay or a good story. On the other hand devs realized whatever they are milking it always sells, so obviously they don’t care about quality anymore thus we are getting a backdated games like Starfield. (at least it looks like) And yet many of our younger generation gamers are extremely excited in manyy gaming communities.

If i offended anyone i am sorry. i had to say those things to you guys cause i think u guys would understand. its killing me too that good quality of games rare these days and i think these are the main issues…

How old are you? I will hit 27 next month. Anyway, computers were extremely expensive in Ukraine till 2005. My parents bought me a PC when I was 10-11 and my first games were NFS: Carbon and Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (fucking love it, the best game ever). I played older games and I love them too: Heroes of Might and Magic III, Age of Empires II, Planescape: Torment, Arx: Fatalis, Baldur’s Gate, Fallout. etc. Never placed graphics above plot or gameplay.

Oblivion was a revolutionary game in terms of graphics, it looked so much better than anything else back at the time. The same about Skyrim, I was like WOW when it came out. But can you say that about Starfield? No wow. Almost like Fallout 4 in terms of looks and that game was released 7 years ago. I think even ME Andromeda landscapes look better (can’t say for sure until play Starfield). Bethesda is not Crytek to expect Crysis revolutions every time, but I think that Starfield doesn’t hold the line of the TES Series. This is an AAA title, there should be no excuses unless they tell it is AA.

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Round bullets from square holes. Bullets, not empty shells.

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Born in '84 here. Everything I’m saying in this thread is from two perspectives: Gamer and Game Programmer. Bethesda Softworks is trash at developing games full stop. They simply need to stop and delegate to their sub studios. If kids are eating the sprinkled turds and liking it, it only makes things worse because now launching turds and MAYBE fixing them later will be even more and more normalized.


Bethesda is a lost cause. They have guaranteed sales success. And a dedicated bug fixing team that works for free after release. All they have to do is make a game that keeps people busy. They can’t fail, so they have no need to change. It just works.

Edit: Also, don’t think it’s an age thing at all. '84 here as well. My life long friend slurps up bethesda goo with a giant spoon. Has 1k+ hours in Skyrim across all editions. 600+ on FO4. Etc. Will complain about everything we’re complaining about. Knows it’s true. But still plays em all endlessly ‘because mods’. They did at least skip '76. So they aren’t completely insane… But yeah. All ages ‘enjoy’ Bethesda developed games.

Always be sure to specify that it’s Bethesda Softworks (or whatever they chose to rename it to next) that is the lost cause:

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Y’all are a bunch of young’uns. I was born in '65. I was playing my first games before some of y’all were born. We had to walk uphill in the snow to get a good game.


That was true for everyone until the mid 90s when digital distribution became a thing and that was only for pc. Still had to goto the store for carts/cds/dvs/blue rays until the wii/ps3/xb360 era.

Am I the only person who actually enjoyed Fallout 4? I agree that Bethesda Softworks is poopoo in general.

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I tolerated it for one play through. It’s also the last first party title I’ve bought from them.

I’m gonna disagree on that one. Pretty much the entirety of Zenimax/Bethesda fucked it up more than once, especially recently. Remember Doom Eternal nonsense with Mick Gordon? Or Deathloop being the exactly same game as Dishonored but with a boring skin over it and with it being more outdated than Dishonored 1. Or maybe the latest Wolfenstein youngblood which was a mess at launch? I’m not gonna even mention Fallout or Skyrim being still a buggy mess even today. Don’t get me started with Zenimax and their launch of TESO or their predatory monetization of it now.

They are selling nothing but a whiteboard so the modders can write all over it and call it a day. They know it and they will keep selling their unfinished trash. They know exactly who are they selling Starfield to and they know exactly that they don’t even have to finish the game, because modders are gonna do it for them. For free!

Obviously, Microsoft’s acquisition didn’t bring any type of wake-up call for them so they will just keep doing their own thing like they’ve done it before.

I’m highly recommending you to stop buying their crap and instead buy something from Obsidian, Larian or Atlus. At least they know how to make a quality RPG or even better, a finished game with a good amount of high quality content.

Also, im 30 but I work at Amazon. So that alone makes me older than any of you. Amazon makes me age 75x faster than normal. Hear my wisdom!

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Oh yeah the other devs do some bad shit, but that’s fundamentally bad shit. I’m talking about the literal development incompetence. Yeah they fucked up with Mick Gordon, but the game runs flawlessly, actually looks modern, and I’ve not heard tell of any noteworthy bugs. Bethesda Softworks literally has no expertise because they keep moving forward with shit programmers programming things shity. They’re experts at being shit.


Is this game fixed yet (by Bethesda, not mods).?

From what I heard, the game is empty and boring. I haven’t played it myself, but people say it becomes very repetitive and tedious quickly.