Steam Deck

Well, I tried for a few minutes to buy the reservation ticket but the store keeps crashing. Then when it worked it said I had been attempting too much. Oh well. Hopefully they’re available still when the store settles down.

Ya same. I hate trying to acquire things in this age of tech

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Pretty sure it’s sold out at this point. The page buttons are greyed. Sigh.

Edit: Well shit, just got a confirmation email and my card was charged. Guess it went through earlier afterall?

Sunday next for opportunities to get one

I gave uppppp

Showing up on my activity feed now too. I guess I got it. Now to try to forget about it for five months…

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I got a reservation for the 512.

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:crying_cat_face: !!!



Wait so did you get it? That’s you at the top I think it’s a little cut off

yes that’s a me


I plan to get one in the future, after I see some unboxings maybe a tear down… find out if the 512gb NVME can be replaced or if its soddered like im thinking. And how hard it will be to wipe SteamOS and Install Windows… this thing is more powerful then most laptops I have seen from the specs I read and could potentially be more powerful then any PC I can afford to build for awhile lol.

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The nice thing is that we won’t get them until after reviews, and you get your money back if you cancel.

IGN said it’s good. We trust IGN, right?!??!?

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Kekekeke shifty will get his Q2 2022. suckerrr

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So much for December shipping

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Q1 for me too. Guess I gotta try to forget about it for even longer.

Might be December shipping for the first group of lucky ones who were able to reserve it in a speedy manner… or use bots to do their bidding kekkkkkkkkkkk