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Because I live half my life on Steam instead of sleeping, and because I am interested in it, maybe someone else too. So if I have some news, updates, i will post it here.

Let’s start with this smart move. But not from our buyer view.



This is fake. There is no such thing as “Volvo making smart moves” thing. /s


Was this post a subliminal message about Half-Life 3!!! “Because I live HALF my LIFE on Steam instead of sleeping…”


syncrosis Not intentionally. Awesome :smiley: You sir already earned a copy of HL3 from me. :smiley:


buttstallion I’ll expect you to hold up your end of the deal in 2027 when it comes out… in beta




Nice gesture and opportunity.


Funny :smiley: :smiley:


buttstallion said in Steam/Valve news:

Funny :smiley: :smiley:


Steam Sales for everybody!


Introducing Steam Digital Gift Cards


Steam Halloween Sale 2017 is now live.*

Watch for spooky discounts on frightening games and movies across the Steam catalog.

*Offers end at 10AM PDT on November 1st.


buttstallion I don’t see anything worth of spending money :stuck_out_tongue:
except maybe this one … but only maybe :slight_smile:
Plague Inc: Evolved


I just completed my Euro Truck Simulator 2 Essentials bundle :smiley:


mark2k77 Plague Inc. is great, played a lot with my brother and also solo.


These things never really excite me. If I’m going to buy a game, it’s right after I beat one. If there’s a sale, bonus. If not, oh well.


Phew, only 3 games on my wishlist are on sale. Kinda suckyyyy sale


Bwaaaa! I got tired of waiting & bought the Elite Dangerous Horizons expansion… now 33% off.

Ah well never mind. I’d budgeted it & it just means I have to wait for next purchases.


Nice addition commander. O7