Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls

This is my next game! It’s yet another Neptune game with a few twists on the mechanics. They’ve added ladder climbing, rope climbing, tunnel crawling, and dash jumping to the dungeon mechanics. There’s also now jumping in the battles as well (items floating above battle arena). I imagine it will have a new twist on transformation mechanics, but I haven’t got that far yet. It seems to take place before most of the other games because IF doesn’t seem to know who Histoire is at the beginning of the game.

It runs on Vita so it’ll run on a potato. That said I encountered something weird. It doesn’t have 1440p as an option, but it does have 2160p… so I turned on DSR and am playing it at 4k scaled down to 1440p. Solid 60 still though. I’m just happy it’s not capped at 1080p30.

@Katsuo you’ll be please to know, as always with these games, there’s japanese audio. : ]

Will post more later!

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IF always deliverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssss. Also, what the hell is wrong with that game title. XD

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I think the japanese title gives more information lol

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超次元大戦ネプテューヌVSセガハードガールズ夢の合体スペシャル translates to:
Super dimension warfare Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls Dream Union Special


超次元大戰戰機少女VS SEGA主機娘夢幻合體特別版 translates to:
Super Dimensional Warfare Fighter Girl VS SEGA Host Niang Dream Complex Special Edition

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Was it so hard to just write numbers next to, like, Dimension Neptune 16 and continue it like that. Japanese…always weird as hell

I always thought the titles were just a joke from references I didn’t get lol

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I will just leave these here…

Technically this wasn’t the next frame but it still goes well with the other pic lol. The screen cap thing was an innuendo about two girls riding nep at the same time… xD


LOL love these idiot moments in Nep games


STOP asking questions Nepgear!!!

I’m really liking this game lol. Mostly because I’ve played most of the others. Even IF has gone don’t-give-a-fuck mode and joins Neptune in the 4th wall breaking.
This game revolves around time travel. Which is why some characters didn’t know eachother that should have.
I don’t want to say too much.

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Is it the best Nep game so far?

I’m not sure how to answer because I don’t know if I’d like it so much had I not played the others…that said, I recommend you start playing all the ones on my steam account before playing this one! : ]

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Well…I guess I have to replay the series from the beginning because I barely remember what happened in the only 2 games I played.

Which ones were those?

Hyperdimension 1 and 2

Tried to buy you the third one and steam won’t let me.

Haha, you’ll never be able to buy me games. Unless they are on some kind of disgusting huge sale. I think the digital steam card would work but that’s not really a gift.

I have few games to finish anyway. Not sure if I could start and finish any Nep game anytime soon.

Is your steam account considered to be in Germany or Bosnia?