teh g -- 2019 Gamer Challenge

The only reason I’ll never buy Link’s Awakening are the ads that I get pretty much everywhere. Turn on the TV, Link’s Awakening is there. Open the newspaper, Link’s Awakening is there. Go outside to see god, Link’s Awakening is there. It’s more annoying than anything.

It is a fun game. I don’t think it was worth $60 since it was “just” a remake.

Look down after you use the toilet, Link’s Awakening is there.

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I beat Astral Chain after about 24 hours. It was a great Platinum game. The story is super anime. I highly recommend it.


Literally bought it yesterday. Cant wait to play it.

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It was a blast.

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Just beat Jedi Fallen Order. It was a solid 7/10. Took me about 18 hours to finish on normal difficulty. The story was pretty great (though I am sucker for Star Wars). Combat was pretty fun, it was really focused on watching enemies and seeing their patterns. You can’t just go ham on people and expect to win.


Why just 7?

I wouldn’t say it was an excellent game. It was “free”, so maybe I am jaded :smiley:

I’d have bought it though and say it is worth $60.

You’re a 7/10


I’ll take it!

I beat Pokemon Sword today. I think the base gameplay was fun. There were some new things that were cool, and some really nice quality of life changes. It wasn’t any kind of wild, drastic new Pokemon, but I enjoyed it a lot. I’d give it a solid 8/10. With minimal grinding, I finished it in 25:55.


I love it so far. The updated graphics and things like camping make it way better.

It’s shit. Mostly because Digimon > Pokemon

Digimon is awesome. I’m a Monster Rancher fan too.

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Oh man. I wish Monster Rancher is a thing again. I forgot that even exists.

Managed to squeeze one more game in before the New Year. I finished Dragon Quest XI on PS4. It took 45:33 to beat it.

The game was a great improvement upon some classic JRPG elements. There is a lot to do in the world, and I definitely only scratched the surface. There is a massive amount of crafting, exploration, and quests to do. I also believe there is some post-game stuff that can be done. The game itself used a pretty standard JRPG turn-based format. It does allow you to move your characters around for some reason, but it is just for looks? Music was good, though somewhat repetitive. I was really impressed with the translators’ ability to create so many great puns for monsters.

I’d give it a solid 9/10, it is a really fun entry in the RPG world.


I was wondering when will you finish the game. Every time I log in to ps4, you are there playing Dragon Quest haha. That game received tons of awards last year, I believe. I’m still waiting for them to put the japanese dub. I really don’t like the English voice overs. Well, at least in the beginning of the game…

The English voice overs are definitely less than stellar. I usually ignore them anyway, so it doesn’t bother me.

Yeah, I think I should ignore them as well. Otherwise, I’m missing out on a great game.

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