teh g -- 2019 Gamer Challenge


Ni No Kuni 2 – January 1st

  • Completion Time: 28:51:57
  • 7/10

Spiderman - The Heist DLC – January 15th

  • Completion Time: ~6 hours (very rough estimate with no game timer)
  • No rating due to DLC
    • Get it if you liked Spiderman

Kingdom Hearts 3 – March 20th

  • Completion Time: 27:44:03
  • Maybe a 6/10, it was fun, just easy and the story is complicated as hell
  • It finally finishes the story, though who knows what the story is

Shadow of the Tomb Raider – May 10th

  • Completion Time: ~23 hours
  • A 6/10, it was a Tomb Raider game

I just finished Ni No Kuni II. The game time was 28:51:57.

It was a solid action RPG with some interesting mechanics. The most annoying part was the city building piece that had a borderline mobile game feel to it. You were required to do it to advance the story. and building up resources was simply waiting for them to build up. This caused me to hit my storage cap prior to collection after playing for a few hours. then need more to progress further.

Otherwise, this felt like a pretty great JRPG with action combat, cool visuals, and a decent story. I’d give it a solid 7/10.


You should have just made LA do the mobile game parts :laughing:


Those parts wouldn’t have been bad if I could farm for resources on my own. Having to wait for resources to generate, research to finish, etc is stupid in a PC game.


I completed the first DLC for Spiderman, “The Heist”.

It was fairly short, which made me a bit sad. It added some interesting new challenges, a new set of collectables, and some new crimes in the city. I suspect all of the DLCs are short since there are three of them that are part of a larger “The City That Never Sleeps” story. I don’t think it is super fair to rate DLC, but if you liked the base game, it is more web slinging action, and you learn more about Black Cat.


How many DLCs are there?


Three so far. I’m not sure if they are doing more.


I beat some more Spiderman at some point, it was great.

I just beat Kingdom Hearts 3 as well. The game was fun. The story was convoluted as hell, but the combat was entertaining. You feel extremely powerful through the entire game.


So it was too easy?


Yeah, I really only had trouble with the last boss fight. Every other encounter felt trivial to beat. If youre familiar with the style I’d actually recommend proud mode right off the bat.


We just got to the Little Mermaid world in KH1

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I finally beat Shadow of the Tomb Raider. If you liked any of the other modern Tomb Raider games, you will like this one. It doesn’t change a ton over past games, so if you are looking for innovation or anything, look elsewhere. But it was a solid 6/10 experience. Took about 23 hours to finish, I didn’t do all the challenge tombs or anything, but if I found them and could enter at that time I went and did them.