Tell me your Steam/Origin/


So maybe I need some friends to play games next to Steam on the other clients and I have no clue who has one and why he/she is not my friend :smiley: So share your Steam, etc. account name, password, credit card information so I can add you :smiley: If we are friend, share it anyway because others can find you. And maybe I can i.d. you. I need to delete ppl from Steam and I want to know who wants to stay my friend :smiley:


Steam: Butt Stallion JCDenton#21190
Origin: DaemonprinceHUN
Uplay: Daemonprince91

I hope this topic is seen only to registered users teh_g :stuck_out_tongue:
Write me a message here if you added me so I can add a nickname to you and recognise you, because I wont accept noname requests :smiley:


Steam: Zmajuga N/A
Origin: Super_Brko
Uplay: Zmajuga
GOG: Zmajuga


You have me on Steam. I use Origin also but only for Titanfall. SO you don’t need me there. Do you want my phone number?


Steam: [GX]Arson i forgot user name but i have it XD
Origin: Libratarious
Uplay: I forgot user name but i have it XD


Origin: xxxxxDANTExxxxxx
Uplay: IxxxxDANTExxxxI


Steam: felogen
Origin: shannen298
Uplay: shannen298


Steam: cornyman81
Origin: milkywayman81
Uplay: milkywayman1981 (AW): milkywayman


Steam: link187

Other platforms: No fucking clue, only use them when steam is not an option.


gord0 said in Tell me your Steam/Origin/


I added you XD


Everything, even consoles: ShiftySatchmo

Though I don’t have a account…


Steam: Only0neKnight
Uplay: mrkilik
Origin: MrKilik
GoG: mrkilik MrKilik#1642


Steam - - jCARS #1886
Origin - dhodhong
Uplay -


Arsononion No results found for “Libratarious”


ButtStallion It’s Imas Atatarev. Libratarious is just his useless nick.


Katsuo No results found for “Imas Atatarev” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


ButtStallion Your Origin is kaputt


Steam: Polekatt

Uplay - Pkatt
Discord - #8015 (same icon as here should show up)

Other ones, I don’t know because I rarely use them. I’ll update them here if I log in sometime.


Steam: [P34c3]Leon
GoG: PeaceLeon
Origin: P34c3Leon
BattleNet: PeaceLeon#2170
UPlay: PeaceLeon
Xbox: P34C3L30N
Playstation: PeaceLeon


Steam: My Life For Aiur YourFriend#1676
XBLA: mgsfan18
Nintendo Network: mgsfan18
Playstation: mgsfan18
Uplay: mgsfan18
Origin: mgsfan18