Tell me your Steam/Origin/


I plan to delete everybody from Steam except those who share their accounts in this topic. Too many unknown ppl from Gtribe and other sources :smiley:


Since we are adding friends :slight_smile: … I would like to have few more friends on Origin, GoG and uPlay … so fell free to add me …

GoG : MARK1411P
Origin: Mark141197
uPlay : markP1a

Steam : marko


Steam = Cpt_Obvious


UPLAY = SgtT8ie

Origin = dcaffein8


Also sent out a mass amount of Steam friend requests. I understand if you say no.


Sgt_T8ie I accepted and am confused that we weren’t already friends on there!


ShiftySatchmo I think that we were, but you probably went through a purge at some stage & I was caught out.


Sgt_T8ie said in Tell me your Steam/Origin/

ShiftySatchmo I think that we were, but you probably went through a purge at some stage & I was caught out.

Haha that’s why I use aliases now in steam so I can plug in real names


GorkieX On Uplay, Arsynion207 on GoG, [GX} Gorkie on Steam, Gorkie#1644 on Battlenet, GorkieX on Origin. You can thank Sammy for the GoG name he gave me the account with Witcher 3 on it back when we were all on the other site :smiley:


Gorkie haha I thought it said Arsononion


Pinning this. I might even clean up some of the conversations in here to keep it nice and clean :wink:

Also moved it to Gaming so I could make it more hidden than the General section.


Steam: teh g
Blizzard: tehg#1249
Origin: tehspaceg
Uplay: tehspaceg
XBL: teh g
PSN: teh_g


Steam page is in my signature down there. But I usually don’t add people and when I do I eventually delete them. I just don’t really play anything multiplayer and don’t like messy lists. Nothing personal. :shrug:

Edit: I gave up on deleting people and just turned notifications off. Feel free to add, but again, don’t really do MP. :stuck_out_tongue:


schlitty Added you, I wont forgive if you delete me :stuck_out_tongue:


schlitty We can play F1 2013 :smiley:


Here we go, plz feel free to add me

Steam: Picketech
Battlenet: Picke#1393
Origin: Picketech
Uplay: Picketech


Uh lets see…

Steam is Ub6
UPlay and Origin is Ub6ix


Everything is basically tat2teel

Because, well… I’m tat2teel :slight_smile:



Steam, GOG & UPlay: Trainsmash


Steam, Uplay, Origin: GorkieX
Gog: Arsynion0207
Battlenet: Skyam#11430